Support for volunteer firefighters and EMTs | Letter to the Editor

I write in support of our volunteer firefighters and EMTs and the employees of the Orcas Island Fire Dept. We Orcas livers and lovers depend upon them to save our homes (three times for me! Yup!) and to support us in illness. It is quite a lot we ask, particularly when many of the heroes who come to help us are volunteering their time and skills!

I understand that keeping up with training and skill-building can be a task, but making time to hone techniques that will save homes, buildings, and lives is a pretty high priority! I understand that our Orcas Department has not been able to schedule these important classes for over a year now. I also am concerned that we are losing personnel. The number of responders has fallen.

So we might ask why? What is happening? Is it possible to have a Fire Department and community get-together to explore what’s the problem and what can we do about it? You never know until you ask!

Coleen O’Brien