Stop sign scofflaws; sailboat swimmers; stolen seasonal spirit | San Juan County Sheriff’s Log

  • Sun Dec 23rd, 2018 1:30am
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The San Juan County Sheriff’s Office responded to the following calls.

Dec. 12

• A San Juan deputy took a report of a minor traffic collision on Spring Street. Damage to both vehicles was noted.

• An Orcas deputy investigated a two-vehicle, non-injury traffic collision on Orcas Road. Both drivers were issued citations related to the collision.

• A Lopez Island deputy stopped and ticketed a driver on Center Road for driving 56 mph in a 35 mph zone.

• A deputy responded to a reported altercation at a business in Eastsound. The owners asked that the suspect be removed. The suspect was located and a trespass warning letter was issued.

• A motorist on Center Road on Lopez Island was ticketed for passing a stopped school bus that had its flashing red lights and stop-paddle activated for offloading school children.

• Two men were able to swim to the east shore of Lopez Island after their boat capsized and sunk as they were attempting to retrieve a sailboat that had been blown adrift from its mooring and run aground by high winds.

Dec. 13

• An Orcas Island deputy took a report of found property. The owner of the property was identified, contacted and arrangements were made to mail it back to the owner.

• A Lopez deputy investigated an incident of possible fraud.

• Several Lopez Island residents filed a harassment complaint after being threatened with a knife. An investigation is underway.

• A deputy on San Juan responded to a report of trespassing and issued the suspect a trespass letter.

• A driver in Friday Harbor was issued a citation for failure to obey a stop sign.

Dec. 14

• A deputy on San Juan responded to a vehicle collision and took a report.

• An inmate escaped from a work crew on San Juan Island by failing to return for the remainder of his sentence. He also failed to return the equipment assigned to him. It is valued at $1,050.

• A deputy on San Juan Island responded to a report of trespassing. When found, two subjects will be issued trespass notices.

• A Friday Harbor deputy issued a driver citations for failing to stop at a stop sign and failing to have a Washington driver’s license.

Dec. 16

• During the night someone stole life-sized flat animals from a nativity scene on Orcas Island. While the animals were valued at $300, the theft of the spirit of the season was deemed priceless.

• Deputies on San Juan documented a report of a domestic disturbance.

• A deputy on San Juan stopped a vehicle for an expired registration. Consequently, the driver was arrested for driving with a suspended license in the third degree and under the influence as well as violating an ignition interlock. The driver also received a citation for having expired registration over two months and not having insurance.

Dec. 17

• A Lopez deputy investigated the theft of a package from a resident’s mailbox.

• A Friday Harbor deputy responded in reference to an assault. No suspects or further information was provided.

• A deputy in Friday Harbor issued a driver a citation for not having proof of current insurance and a warning for failure to obey a stop sign.

Dec. 18

• A deputy responded to a citizen dispute in Lopez Village. An island resident was upset at another resident over a missing mail parcel, which he believed to be stolen. The two involved individuals separated.

• Someone found property near Lopez Village and believed the items might be related to stolen mail parcels. The responding deputy investigated the claim and found no evidence the items were stolen.

• A Friday Harbor deputy stopped a driver for failing to turn on their headlights. After further investigation, the driver was arrested for driving under the influence.

Dec. 19

• Deputies were dispatched to a domestic disturbance in Friday Harbor. When they arrived, it was found not to be what was reported, and the parties were separated.