SHERIFF’S LOG San Juan County Sheriff’s Department reported responding to these calls:

  • Wed May 28th, 2008 8:00am
  • News

May 8: A 20-year-old Orcas Island woman claims her car was broken into and stolen, and that her belongings removed, by someone who then later returned it to her Pea Patch Lane home using a set of newly-manufactured keys. The originals reportedly remain missing.

May 10: An Orcas Island man who reportedly was riding his bicycle after dark without proper lighting could face criminal penalties for an alleged probation violation. The 41-year-old, confronted by an officer in the 100 block of North Beach Road at about 11 p.m, allegedly had been drinking and had alcohol on him at the time, which was prohibited by court orders from a prior conviction.

An Anacortes man suspects that revenge motivated the theft and disappearance of a 500-gallon fuel tank from the shoreline of Decatur Island. The tank, which was located near a public dock on the east side of the island, contained about 10 gallons of fuel at the time it disappeared. The man, who reportedly provided information which, in part, led to a controversial raid by state and federal agents in September, believes allies of those arrested on marijuana-related charges may be responsible for the tank’s disappearance.

May 11: A Lopez Island man became the target of complaints by a neighbor who reportedly saw him shooting rabbits on a lot in the 2000 block of Fisherman Bay Road. The lot owner reportedly asked the man to reduce the property’s population of rabbits. It’s unclear whether gunfire was the preferred mode, but the man was provided a list of alternative measures by the officer who responded to the incident.

May 12: A 9-year-old Orcas Island boy and a friend reportedly doused the Eastsound Village Square restrooms with green paint in an apparent episode of vandalism. The two boys, accused also of painting two large white rocks behind the band shell, reportedly admitted committing the deed when confronted by an officer. The case was sent to prosecutors for review and possible charges.

An early afternoon stroll on Fisherman Bay spit turned ghastly for a Lopez Island woman when a dog belonging to another woman bounded out of the woods with a dead fawn in its jaws. The 51-year-old reportedly confronted the dog owner, told her authorities would be notified and briefly left the area. She returned and buried the body, which reportedly was still warm to the touch at the time, after discovering that the dog owner hadn’t buried the fawn.

An Orcas Island woman was warned fines might follow if her dogs are caught chasing cats or roaming her North Beach Road neighborhood on their own in the future. The warning was given after the 60-year-old’s two Portuguese water dogs reportedly chased a pair of cats that live nearby, and which escaped the rundown unharmed.

Road signs were removed and reportedly thrown onto the roadway in four locations around Eastsound in an apparent episode of late-night vandalism on Orcas Island. The first set of signs were discovered near the intersection of Main and Urner streets at about 11 p.m. The cost of reinstalling the signs, which reportedly were undamaged, is about $150.

May 14: An Orcas Island was released pending an appearance in court after turning himself in at the Sheriff’s office on Mount Baker Road and posting $400 bail. A pair of warrants had reportedly been issued for the 20-year-old’s arrest.