San Juan man pleads not guilty to domestic violence charge

Jeyson Siguenza, 28, of San Juan Island, pleaded not guilty on Aug. 21 to assault in the second degree — domestic violence in San Juan County Superior Court.

He is being represented by public defender Alex Frix. Bail was set at $25,000; a no-contact order was issued; and he was ordered to not leave Washington state. A jury trial has been set for Nov. 1.

On Aug. 18 at 12:45 a.m. were dispatched to a possible domestic violence incident on San Juan Island. Upon arrival, the victim was bleeding heavily from the bridge of her nose and there was a large puddle of blood on the porch. The victim was transported to Peace Island Peace Health Hospital for medical treatment.

According to the victim, she and Siguenza were in his apartment, where they had an argument and he allegedly pushed her. When he went to the bathroom, she left and returned to her own housing unit. He followed her and knocked on her door. After initially declining to speak with him, she agreed to sit outside and talk.

During their conversation, Siguenza allegedly struck the victim in the face, which resulted in her head banging into the wall behind her. The victim briefly lost consciousness and “saw stars.” The victim then returned to her apartment and her roommate barred Siguenza from entering. A witness in a nearby apartment corroborated the victim’s account.

Deputies noted a three-inch laceration on the victim’s nose, which required stitches, and a “significant-sized” hematoma on the back of her head.