San Juan man charged with harassment to kill

Jefferey Irving McGriff has been charged with harassment to kill, a class c felony, in San Juan County Superior Court. McGriff, 35, is a resident of San Juan Island. His arraignment was on March 2 in San Juan County Superior Court.

According to the probable cause statement, a Friday Harbor landowner, whose girlfriend is the grandmother to McGriff’s child, served him with a “no trespass” letter from an attorney on Feb. 14. McGriff, his girlfriend and his young daughter live in a travel trailer behind the man’s residence. Shortly thereafter, McGriff allegedly entered the property owner’s residence, went upstairs and into his bedroom and threw the papers at him.

When the victim called dispatch to report violation of the letter, deputies discovered McGriff had an outstanding bench warrant out of Puyallup Municipal Court for failure to appear for a theft in the third-degree charge. A bail of $1,100 was attached to the warrant.

A deputy visited the property and spoke outside to McGriff, who had his daughter with him. According to the report, he confronted the man because the letter was “not an official service.” The deputy told him he could be charged with trespass, and McGriff said the landowner “would be very sorry if he pressed charges” and that it wasn’t a threat but a “promise.” McGriff said the man believes he stole a 12’ level and “that really is what this is about.”

The deputy informed him that he would be taken into custody because of the outstanding warrant. He asked to take his daughter into the main house, and after putting her to bed, he allegedly began to make threats towards the homeowner. According to the deputy’s report, he said, “You will be sorry, and you don’t know what you’ve done messing with me and my daughter … you’re done, just wait, it’s over for you, just wait until I get back.” McGriff allegedly tried to get closer to the victim and said, “you’re dead.”

McGriff’s previous adult convictions include two counts of theft and bail jumping in San Juan County, a student carrying a weapon on school premises and two counts of driving with a suspended license in Whatcom County.