Samish experiences engine problems

After three days of delayed sailings because of an issue with the vessel’s second engine, the Samish was pulled from the Anacortes-San Juan Islands route on Friday, July 12. Coming into rotation is the newer Olympic-class Tokitae, which has been serving the Clinton-Mulkiteo route.

“This has also led to other vessels being delayed since many terminals in the San Juan Islands only have one slip – if this delayed vessel is in the slip when an on-time boat is scheduled to pull in, the on-time vessel must wait, causing it to get behind schedule,” Washington State Ferries communications representative Justin Fujioka told the Journal.

WSF was unable to tell the Journal how long the Samish will be out of service, but did say that the planned steel work has been pushed out until Aug. 4, when the Kaleetan will be placed in rotation for the rest of the summer schedule, ending on Sept. 28.