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Roll out of COVID vaccine to date in San Juan County

  • Thu Mar 11th, 2021 1:30am
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Submitted by San Juan County.

As vaccine distribution efforts continue, it is worth looking at what vaccine has been received to date in San Juan County. These numbers are just a snapshot, please recognize that this is a constantly evolving situation.

To date, seven vaccine providers in San Juan County have been approved to distribute vaccines and have received doses to administer. These numbers are as of Feb. 23 and may or may not reflect doses that have already arrived or been administered.

Chart created by Mandi


Based on these numbers, just shy of 25% of San Juan County residents have received at least their first dose of vaccine.

All providers would eagerly welcome more vaccines. The limitation to providers receiving and delivering more vaccinations is almost always lack of supply.

All providers play a critical role, regardless of volume. Medical providers and pharmacies offer a vital service in that they can reach out directly to client and patients of theirs that they know are most at risk.

Over time, first dose and second dose numbers will be equal. A second dose will be delivered and administered for all first doses.

These numbers are constantly in flux. Use them for general trends, but not for pinpoint comparisons.

The Washington Department of Health has information about vaccination delivery rates per county on the COVID Data Dashboard. Click on the “Vaccinations” tab for info. These numbers usually lag behind on the ground situation.

While the number of doses administered by each provider is not included in DOH reporting, in general providers should be administering doses within a week of receipt.