Rock Island internet is back up

Update at 4 p.m.: Rock Island internet is back up and running.

According to Rock Island, a county-wide outage due has occurred Aug. 9 due to a fiber break in Anacortes.

Wave Broadband, the owner of this fiber, has been deployed to repair the line.

At 8:30 a.m., Rock Island posted on Facebook that they were in the process of switching over to a wireless connection to the mainland, which will bring all cell and voice traffic back online within the hour.

At noon, Rock Island reported that Wave Broadband is still investigating the line.

“The break looks further out of Anacortes, but there is nothing conclusive yet,” said the release.

The outage is estimated to be roughly seven hours out based on Rock Island’s estimation from similar outages in the past.

For info, call 360-378-5884 for a recording updated every 30 minutes or as new information is available or go to

According to Brendan Cowan of the San Juan County Department of Emergency Management, “CenturyLink landline service (including 911) and internet was not impacted by this outage, and Verizon wireless appears to be unimpaired. Rock Island backup systems appear to be providing voice service to T-Mobile customers (including 911), but AT&T mobile service appears to be completely down.”