Preliminary 2018 budget

Submitted by the San Juan County Auditors Office

The 2018 Preliminary Budget for San Juan County has been published. With a theme of “Budgeting for Uncertain Times,” the 2018 budget has been the most challenging to compile in years. Revenues are projected to be flat, while expenditures continue to increase. Uncertainties at the federal, state and local level impede planning efforts and challenge reliance on conventional budgeting methods.

In addition to budget detail, the Budget Book includes a complete picture of the purpose and mission of San Juan County. The Overview section includes the Budget Message, as well as general information about the County. Sections organized by function (Legislative & Administrative, Financial Services, Community Services, Law & Justice, and Public Works) follow. Within those sections, each department describes its individual missions, accomplishments of 2017, and goals for 2018. Finally, the Department Requests section includes detailed descriptions of every request for new or increased funding.

The Preliminary Budget is compiled by the Budget Team following budget review meetings with all departments. The Budget Team is comprised of County Auditor Milene Henley, County Manager Mike Thomas, Chief Deputy Auditor Kim Herrenkohl, and Health and Community Services Director Mark Tompkins. The budget now goes to County Council for review, amendment, and eventual adoption.

The Budget can be viewed at: