Pint-sized pups arrive at Orcas Animal Protection Society

A cache of teeny canines arrived by plane to the Eastsound airport last week.

Last month, Cindy and Hans Koch of San Juan Island arranged to fly in a litter of puppies from Okandogs of Cashmere, Washington to split between the Orcas and Friday Harbor shelters. This time, the Orcas Animal Protection Society received six small dogs on Feb. 16.

“Okandogs had called to offer another litter of puppies but we were ready for a puppy break, so I asked if they had any small breed adult dogs. They were going to send us four young adult chihuahuas, and then at the very last minute, we got two bonus dachshunds!” said APS director Kristina Snyder.

Toby, a longhaired chihuahua, is the leader of the bunch. Snyder says he pushes everyone else out of the way to get attention. Matilda is a black and tan chihuahua who is shy but warms up quickly. Molly and Ashland are a mother and daughter duo. Reba is a mini dachshund and Vinnie is a standard size who is described as “confident and happy.”

The pint-sized pups will be available to meet families starting on Feb. 26. To submit an application for adoption, visit or call 360-376-6777. The shelter will call to set up a meet and greet.

“It’s so important that we are bringing in dogs from Washington state. Though it may be easier to transfer in dogs from out of state shelters, there are so many dogs in Washington that still need placement,” Snyder said.

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Contributed photo Reba.

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Contributed photo Vinnie