Persistent parker, bothersome bee, pooch puncture | The San Juan County Sheriff’s Log

The San Juan County Sheriff’s Office responded to the following calls.

May 8

• A Lopez deputy received a referral case from Juvenile Services.

• In Eastsound, a deputy responded to a trespassing call from a local market.

• A deputy responded to a request to retrieve a firearm from the home of a deceased person on Orcas. The requestor was the executor of the deceased’s will. The rifle was recovered and secured.

• On Orcas, a deputy began an investigation into a threats complaint involving juveniles at a local school district. The investigation continues.

• A deputy on San Juan conducted a traffic stop and found that none of the vehicle’s occupants had a valid driver’s license. The driver received a citation for not having a valid driver’s license with ID. A passenger, the registered owner, received a criminal citation for allowing an unauthorized person to drive.

May 9

• A Lopez deputy responded to a report of a dog bite that had occurred a week before. An individual had walked by a vehicle and stuck their hand inside an open window to pet a dog, and the dog bit back.

• After numerous attempts to work with an individual, a San Juan man was cited for allowing his dog to wander the neighborhood – his first for this offense.

• Lopez deputies responded to a welfare check and contacted the individual.

• An Orcas deputy responded to reports of a citizen dispute. The parties involved had argued over a parking space and neither party involved wanted any law enforcement action taken.

• A deputy on San Juan received a report of a theft, identified the juvenile, and forwarded a report to the prosecutor’s office.

• On San Juan, a deputy received a report of disorderly conduct and contacted an intoxicated male who had left a local bar and had been yelling. The deputy did not observe any criminal law violations but did assist a couple of citizens by giving them a ride to a local hotel.

May 10

• A driver on Lopez received a citation for speeding, 61 mph in a 35 mph zone.

May 11

• The driver of a vehicle on Lopez was ticketed for disregarding the posted parallel-parking-only sign, and impeding access to the rest of the parking lot.

• A deputy responded to a report of an erratic driver on Orcas. Further investigation revealed probable cause to believe the driver was impaired, potentially from prescription drugs. The deputy arrested the driver who was processed for driving under the influence.

May 12

• A deputy conducted a traffic stop in Eastsound and issued the driver a warning for an expired registration, plus a citation for failing to stop at a stop sign/intersection.

May 13

• A Lopez deputy assisted a person in crisis by connecting them with resources.

• A deputy on San Juan took a report of an individual who had been receiving threatening text messages. The reporting party wanted to have the escalating behavior documented.

• A Lopez deputy stopped the driver of a vehicle for speeding. Subsequently, the driver received a citation for an expired registration and a verbal warning for speeding and not having his license on their person.

• Orcas deputies responded to a housing community in Eastsound about an incidence of domestic violence. An investigation was conducted, and one of the parties was arrested and booked into jail for 4th-degree assault/domestic violence.

May 14

• A deputy on San Juan Island responded to a non-injury accident in which a driver had gone off the roadway into a ditch after trying to swat a bee away while driving. A local towing company removed the vehicle from the ditch, as it was still drivable.