ORS/The Exchange announces air quality closure policies

  • Wed Sep 16th, 2020 4:18pm
  • News


Submitted by The Exchange/Orcas Recycling Services

In the interest of public health, and the health of our employees, ORS has developed a closure policy based on commonly referenced “Air Quality Index Scores”, or “AQI”.

The Exchange reuse store will be closed if the AQI exceeds 200; and the entire Orcas Transfer Station will be closed if the AQI exceeds 250. This could require closing mid-day in the case of a AQI spike, as witnessed on Monday the 14th.

As long as we have significantly smoky skies in the area, we strongly suggest that you call us before coming to The Exchange or Orcas Transfer Station. You can reach the Exchange at 360-376-2126, and the Transfer Station at 360-376-4089.

Notice will also be given of closure on our Facebook page, and our website at www.exchangeorcas.org.

ORS encourages you to stay at home and avoid physical activity if the AQI is above 150, which is the threshold of “Unhealthy” air quality. Check current AQI levels here: https://fire.airnow.gov.