Orders being accepted for annual Native Plant Sale

February brings the annual Native Plant Sales on Lopez, Orcas and San Juan islands sponsored by WSU Master Gardeners Foundation, San Juan Island Conservation District, and WSU Extension. Certain species are already selling out.

Prevent soil erosion, improve water quality and contribute to wildlife habitat by planting native species. This year there are new additions to the plants available, such as Alaska Yellow Cedar, Western Hemlock, Bleeding Heart, Blue Elderberry, Chocolate Lily, Common Camas, Paper Birch, Serviceberry and Wild Ginger.

The plants are one to two years old, either bare-root or plugs, are conservation stock and are typically sold in bundles of five plants. They range from 8″ to 36″ in height and prices range from $3 to $7.50 per plug or bundle.

Request an order form from WSU Extension at 378-4414 or print one out online at www.sanjuan.wsu.edu. There is a minimum purchase of $25 for all pre-orders. All pre-orders must have a $25 deposit. The balance is due at the time of pick-up on Feb. 27 at the Orcas Grange on Orcas Road. Deadline for submitting orders is Feb. 12.

Plants will also be available for sale on Saturday, Feb. 27 at the Orcas Grange. ariety and quantities will be limited.