Orcas man charged with harassment to kill

The following story contains graphic details that may be disturbing to some readers.

Jacob Michael Schneider, 43, of Eastsound, has been charged with one count of harassment to kill, a class c felony, in San Juan County Superior Court. A warrant for his arrest was issued on April 14. It is the most recent charge in a series of alleged assaults against a victim on Orcas Island.

On April 3, an Orcas deputy was dispatched regarding an ongoing case with Schneider and a woman who is known to him. The victim said Schneider told a friend of hers that he was “bragging” about killing her.

According to this friend’s statement, while he was in the San Juan County jail facility in mid-March, Schneider was brought into the same cell. Schneider appeared to not recognize him, as he was on the top bunk of a bed. He heard another inmate ask Schneider what he had been arrested for and he allegedly began to “rant” and speak in a derogatory manner about the victim, stating he was going to “beat the s*** out of her and kill her.” He also stated that his bail was $25,000 but “his mom was going to bail him out.” Per the witness, Schneider then recognized him as a family friend of the victim’s and became very quiet.

According to the deputy’s report, the victim is fearful of Schneider and “believes he is capable of carrying out his threats.” Schneider has several other felony charges in connection to alleged altercations with the victim.

Background on the case

On July 29, 2021, Schneider was charged with assault in the fourth degree — domestic violence, for allegedly holding the victim down by her shoulders and neck area and dragging her to a bedroom to attempt sexual intercourse. At his first appearance on July 30, the court issued a domestic violence no-contact order and ordered the defendant to not consume alcohol. On Sept. 26, the defendant was charged with violation of the protection order and harassment after contacting the victim via text message.

On March 8, 2022, Schneider was charged with assault — violation of protection/no-contact order and harassment to kill after an alleged incident on Feb. 27, which was recorded on the victim’s security system. Schneider allegedly came to the victim’s home while intoxicated, threatened to kill her and punched her in the chest with a closed fist. The entire incident lasted nearly two hours over which time he allegedly left to buy beer and then returned to yell at her and say “he would kill her if she reported him to the cops.” Surveillance footage shows the defendant cursing at the victim, accusing her of sexual acts with other males, saying he loves her, threatening to murder her and physically assaulting her.

The victim told the deputy she was afraid to call for help for fear of retribution and her child’s safety. She waited to report the incident because her family advised against it over concern about how it would affect her relationship with her child, who resides with Schneider. The victim waited to call the sheriff’s office until the defendant left for a trip and her child was in the care of family members.

A warrant was issued for Schneider’s arrest and he turned himself in on March 14, which is when he allegedly made comments in the jail cell about killing the victim, which did not become known until after his release. At his court appearance the following day, the court entered conditions of his release and a no-contact order prohibiting contact with the victim. The defendant came within 10 feet of the victim on March 29 at a high school baseball game. She immediately left and did not call the police due to fear of making a public scene. The victim stated she is “very fearful” that Schneider will kill her. In response to the most recent reported incidents, the prosecuting attorney’s office filed the felony harassment charges on April 14.

Schneider’s criminal history includes obstructing justice; driving under the influence; possession of stolen property; minor in possession; criminal trespassing and use of drug paraphernalia in Thurston County, Tumwater Municipal and Olympia Municipal.