Orcas man charged with burglary

Vincent Amann, 35, has been charged with burglary in the second degree and theft in the third degree.

Amann, a resident of Eastsound, allegedly stole items from a warehouse on Orcas Road. According to the deputy’s probable cause statement, the victim suspected that items had been taken over the course of a few months, so he installed two trail cameras inside the building.

After arriving at the warehouse on May 17, he noticed that one of the cameras, worth $100, was missing. Upon viewing footage from the remaining device, he observed a white male carrying bolt cutters and the trail camera while walking away from the warehouse. According to the deputy, the suspect was looking back and side to side “as though he is looking to see if anyone is watching him.” That same day, the victim uploaded the video to Facebook, where several users identified the suspect as “Vincent.” On May 24, the victim notified the sheriff’s office that the camera and an apology note had been left at the warehouse. The letter was signed “Vincent” and included a phone number.