Monologues: Tell your story in a dramatic way

  • Tue May 20th, 2008 7:16pm
  • News

Orcas Center still seeks submissions for original monologues that explore our love or disdain of pets. The theme for the 2008 Monologue Night, which is Friday, June 13, is: “Pets: Why We Live With Them, Why We Don’t.”

Authors of monologues may read their own monologues or choose to have an actor perform them during “Monologue Night.” Submissions, which should be one to one and one-half pages, single spaced, should be emailed to

Deborah Sparks, Theatre Programs Director of Orcas Center, describes a monologue as a mini-play. “It tells a story, either of an event that happened in the past or a story of emotional development or change. Ideally, it does both of these at the same time. A monologue is delivered from the voice of a character. Where is the character when they are speaking the monologue? What will happen when they are finished talking?

Also at Orcas Center the week of June 13 is a group of improv actors from several countries. These artists will perform during Monologue Night, using the monologues as a point of departure for their improv skits.

For more information or to submit a monologue, please contact Deborah Sparks at