Missing mirror, bygone bones, obsolete order | San Juan County Sheriff’s Log

The San Juan County Sheriff’s Office responded to the following calls.

March 27

• Deputies trespassed a Friday Harbor from a private residence, and a trespass letter was served in person.

• A Lopez deputy stopped the driver of a vehicle and discovered the driver was wanted on a felony warrant related to a sex offense in Mason County, they were arrested and transported to Mason County.

• A deputy on San Juan responded to a report of an order violation between juveniles. The parties involved had orders against each other, however, one had expired. The reporting party was confused as to what was active or not, and the respondent left the area.

• A deputy responded to a report of the shooting of firearms in a residential area on Orcas. The Sheriff’s Office has received numerous calls regarding target shooting at this location, and the caller was informed no law or County ordinance regulates shooting in that location.

• A deputy on Orcas responded to a reported firearm theft and commenced an investigation.

• A San Juan deputy stopped the driver of a vehicle because the license plates were incorrectly displayed. Thus, the driver was issued a citation for the improper display of plates.

• A deputy on San Juan stopped the driver of a pickup truck in which a passenger was sitting on the down tailgate, instead of in the cab of the truck where seatbelts were available for use. The passenger was then issued a citation for failing to wear his seatbelt.

• On San Juan, deputies responded to a report of an unconscious person. Deputies performed CPR until San Juan EMS and San Juan Fire arrived, however, lifesaving efforts ultimately were not successful and the death appeared to be natural.

March 28

• A Lopez deputy stopped the driver of a vehicle who was subsequently issued a citation for speeding 50 MPH in a posted 35 MPH zone, and for not having insurance. The driver also received several warnings.

• A deputy on Lopez was dispatched to a suspicious call.

March 29

• An Ocas deputy was dispatched to a fraud call that involved suspicious communication. No monetary loss was reported.

• Orcas deputies responded to a subject having a health crisis. The person was contacted, seen by EMS, and released without incident.

• Deputies on Orcas contacted a woman who appeared confused and disoriented. The woman declined any assistance from law enforcement and EMS. The woman was delivered into the care of a person identifying himself as her boyfriend.

March 30

• A San Juan deputy stopped the driver of a vehicle for driving 54 MPH in a posted 45 MPH speed zone and issued them a citation for speeding.

March 31

• A Friday Harbor resident brought bones into the Sheriff’s Office that are believed to be of Native American descent. The bones will be sent to the coroner for determination.

• On Lopez, a deputy was contacted for a citizen assist.

• A deputy was dispatched and documented an animal problem on Lopez.

• A deputy in Friday Harbor responded to a two-vehicle accident at the ferry landing. A driver pulled out into the lane of travel when they thought it was clear and struck another vehicle, and the drivers exchanged information.

April 1

A Lopez resident reported vandalism involving two flags that were hanging at the entrance to their property.

• A San Juan deputy served three people with no-trespass warning letters for a private residence.

April 2

• A Lopez deputy and Lopez Fire & EMS were dispatched to an accident with injuries. Once on the scene, the deputy determined there was neither an accident nor injuries.

• A Lopez deputy was contacted about a found dog. The owner was eventually located, and the dog was returned.

• A report of a stolen mirror, which had gone missing in 2017 and not reported, was filed with the Sheriff’s Office in Friday Harbor. Currently, there are no suspects.

• A deputy on San Juan responded to a report of a driver swerving all over the road and driving at erratic speeds. The driver was located at their residence, arrested for driving under the influence, and booked into the San Juan County Jail.