Lopez Superintendent contract renewed

  • Tue Jun 17th, 2008 8:24pm
  • News

At the regularly scheduled public Board meeting of March 26, the Lopez Island School District Board of Directors conducted an annual performance evaluation of Superintendent Bill Evans and renewed his contract for school year 2008-09. The Board declared Evans to be performing satisfactorily and then renewed his contract unanimously with no changes. The no-frills contract presented by Evans includes vacation days, a cell-phone allowance, medical benefits, and no pay increase.

“I appreciate the Board’s evaluation and vote of confidence the approval of the renewed contract signals. I am excited to be able to carry on the great work of the district for another year,” said Evans. “We have a lot of exciting work ahead of us, including the bond projects, the farm-to-school project, our music enrichment efforts, and the most important day-to-day continue provision of the high-quality education of which we are so proud.”