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Local author launches new work

  • Tue Mar 9th, 2021 1:30am
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Known for her innovative and impactful Social Artistry, Skye Burn is publishing the vision that has inspired her life work in a series of thirteen bi-monthly folios, starting March 2021.

The Story We Are Living is a literary artwork that seeks to heal the divisiveness between evangelical Christians and the scientific community. Burn explains, “The deep distrust between these vital sectors of the U.S. population stymies efforts to develop a unified and functional response to the pandemic and other life-threatening situations facing Humanity.”

The Story We Are Living offers a secular (not Bible-based) translation of God’s Plan, the central tenet of Evangelical Christianity. Burn hopes the translation “will allow the scientific community and secular world in general to relate to evangelical Christians and understand where they come from in their beliefs.”

The print edition of Folio #1 is available in San Juan County at Darvill’s Bookstore, Griffin Bay Books, and Lopez Bookshop. The audio and pdf editions are available by subscription or singly at

Skye Burn grew up in the 1950s on Waldron Island. She and her husband, Richard Brummett, now live in Bellingham. Burn’s mother and grandparents are well-known historical figures in this region. Her mother Doris Burn wrote and illustrated books for children, including Andrew Henry’s Meadow. Her grandmother, June Burn, wrote Living High: An Unconventional Autobiography, and her grandfather, Lage Wernstedt, explored and mapped the Cascade Range in Washington and Oregon for the U.S. Forest Service.