Learn about Orca behavior online

This month’s Meeting of the Minds presents “Orca Behavior: Comparing Two Killer Whale Populations in the Salish Sea,” presented by Monika Wieland, Wednesday, Jan. 19 via Zoom.

The Salish Sea houses two different populations of orcas that spend their time in the region. The critically endangered salmon-eating Southern Residents are declining. Meanwhile, the mammal-eating Bigg’s killer whales are thriving. Monika’s talk will introduce you to these two different members of the same species.

Wieland fell in love with the Southern Resident killer whales when she first saw them from Lime Kiln Lighthouse and San Juan Island at the age of 15. She started working as a research intern at The Whale Museum, later as a marine naturalist and finally co-founded the nonprofit research group, the Orca Behavior Institute.

To attend, access the Zoom link on the Calendar of Events page at orcasseniors.org on Wednesday, Jan. 19 at 1 p.m. As always, your generous donation is appreciated.