Kids bake cookies for Orcas Island seniors

Orcas Christian School kids helped bake and wrap the cookies.

Over 1,000 cookies were baked yesterday by Orcas Christian School kids, teachers and volunteers for delivery to senior citizens around Orcas Island today.

Each classroom trouped through the kitchen in turns to lend a hand cracking eggs, scooping sugar, melting chocolate and sifting flour, turning out batches of red and white candy canes, chocolate crinkles, pretzel-M&M bites, shortbread, coconut magic bars, cranberry cookies and more.

The children exercised remarkable restraint, only nibbling at the broken cookies cast aside at the end of the day. When all the wrapping was done, the group had created 185 plates to pass out at the Orcas Senior Center and for hand delivery to homes around the island.