Island’s air space to host military training exercises

Submitted by Port of Orcas.

As a public-use airport Port of Orcas is occasionally called upon to support training or other mission-connected activities conducted by the Navy, Coast Guard, Department of Homeland Security or FAA. And though in many cases, the notice is short, it’s always our preference to keep our island neighbors informed.

This week we can share the following:

“Elements of the U.S. Army Special Operations Aviation Command are conducting training in the Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Orcas Island, and Point Roberts, WA areas from 17-19 April 2024. Aviation assets will be involved so citizens may hear a higher level of noise associated with military aircraft. This training has been fully coordinated and is not in response to any real-world event. Extensive safety precautions are in place to protect the service members and local citizens and to limit inconvenience to the communities. Due to inherent risks to personal safety associated with aviation training, there will be no opportunities for public viewing of this training. For more information, contact the Regiment Public Affairs Office at 270-412-8108 (Office) or (270) 798-6298 (Cell),”

If you’ve seen our KORS Airport Noise Abatement educational efforts you’ll know that we place a high priority on maintaining the quiet and peaceful environment our residents and guests expect and make every effort to ensure our local procedures are understood by all who use the airport. We also recognize that as an island we’re uniquely dependent and when circumstances require critical transportation support, it’s these service members who’ll be leading any humanitarian effort. Please welcome them, should you have the opportunity, as our collaboration and their familiarity with our geography and procedures will make for a safer, more efficient operation.

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to Chip at or call 360-376-5285.