Harbor seal shot; more vandalism at Woodlawn Cemetery; stolen chicken manure | Sheriff’s Log

San Juan County Sheriff’s Department reported responding to these calls:

Oct. 4: A bank bag containing $327 in cash vanished from underneath a desk at Orcas Island Elementary School in an apparent case of theft. The bag, filled with money that an Orcas Island woman reportedly earned during a 4-H event that took place that weekend, was stowed inside a large carrying bag at the time it disappeared.

Oct. 5: The death of harbor seal prompted an investigation after it washed up on a beach on the north end of Lopez Island with a puncture wound in its side. Authorities suspect that the wound may have been caused by a gunshot.

Oct. 6: Someone reportedly siphoned $50 of gas out of a vehicle belonging to the town of Friday Harbor in an apparent case of theft. The vehicle was parked on the grounds of the Sutton Road solid-waste transfer station at the time.

Oct. 8: A dozen beat up tires were discovered along the side of a Lopez Island road in an apparent act of illegal dumping. The tires reportedly were discarded into a ditch in the 1200 block of Vista Road.

Oct. 9: Someone left tire tracks in the grass and overturned a headstone in an apparent act of vandalism at Woodlawn Cemetery on Orcas Island. It’s the latest incident in string of vandalism at the cemetery, located on West Beach Road.

Someone flattened all four tires of a car by the Friday Harbor football field, and pounded it full of dents, after a San Juan Island woman reportedly ran gas shortly before midnight and left her sedan parked there overnight. Damage is estimated at $2,000.

Oct. 10: Excessive speed prompted the arrest of an Alaska man for driving with a suspended license following an early-evening on Orcas Island. The 26-year-old, ticketed also for speeding, was taken into custody at about 7:30 p.m. in the 7000 block of Orcas Road.

Oct. 12: A San Juan Island couple claim someone stole chicken manure from the grounds of the Evergreen Lane home. The amount of manure, reportedly being used as fertilizer at the time, in the alleged theft was not identified in the report.

Oct. 13: Two San Juan Island teens accused of using a black marker to write graffiti on the backs and cushions of four school bus seats will be required to make amends. The girls reportedly must pay the $320 cleanup bill and face in-house sanctions by the school as well.

An apparent episode of bravado behind the wheel led to the arrest of a San Juan Island man for DUI following a late-night traffic stop near the football field in Friday Harbor. The 21-year-old, who reportedly peeled out from a dead stop and raced past the football field at a high-rate of speed, was pulled over shortly before midnight.

Oct. 14: A warrant led to the arrest of an Orcas Island man following investigation of a possible domestic dispute at a home in the 400 block of School Road. The 35-year-old, who reportedly failed to appear in court in connection with an alleged driving offense, was taken into custody at about 5:30 p.m.

A seventh complaint was lodged against a San Juan Island woman accused of allowing her dog to bark incessantly and to roam an east side neighborhood on on its own. The dog, described as large and red, reportedly was on a deck outside the woman’s Pear Point Road home when an officer arrived at the scene. The dog barked for about five minutes before someone let it inside.

Oct. 15: Failure to obey a stop sign prompted the arrest of a Lopez Island man for driving with a suspended license following a noontime traffic stop near the intersection of Center and School roads. The 34-year-old was pulled over and taken into custody shortly before 1 p.m.

Oct. 16: A tip about a possible drunk driver arguing with a female passenger while on the road led to the arrest of an Orcas Island man for DUI following an encounter with officers near the intersection of Crow Valley Road and Nordstroms Lane. The 44-year-old, parked near the intersection when officers arrived, was taken into custody at about 10:30 p.m.