‘Hands Only’ CPR taught by Orcas Fire

Free CPR classes begin on Oct. 4 at the Eastsound Fire Station.

And the newest technique in cardio public rescue has now been added to these monthly CPR classes. The “Hands Only” program focuses on the life saving chest compressions and has been simplified down to 3 simple steps: Check for responsiveness, call 911, and push hard and fast on the chest.

This technique is for sudden unconsciousness in an adult who has gone unresponsive, is not breathing or not breathing regularly. Scientific studies have shown that keeping blood circulating to the brain and vital organs greatly improves the chance of surviving a “heart attack.”

“Teaching everyone how to give the best CPR you can possibly give is our number one priority,” said Jaylin Peacock, the CPR coordinator for Orcas Island Fire & Rescue.

The new Hands Only technique can be easily mastered in less than an hour and will be offered at the beginning of each CPR class. Anyone who needs the American Heart Association or AHA certification may stay for the remainder of the Child/Adult CPR/AED course. Monday night CPR is free but you must pre-register in person with a $10 deposit that will be returned to you the evening of class.

For more information on CPR and First Aid classes, call

376-2331 or check out the Orcas Fire web site at www.orcasfire.org