Gaylord seeks Judgeship in historic first election

Prosecutor Randall K. Gaylord announced that he would seek the position of San Juan County Superior Court Judge.

Prosecutor Randall K. Gaylord announced that he would seek the position of San Juan County Superior Court Judge.

“I look forward to hearing from the people and what they expect from the first superior court judge to be elected for San Juan County. This first election within the county really is history in the making,” Gaylord said.

“This is an exciting time to be involved in an election. Change is a major theme across the country, it is a theme that led to the County Charter, and it is time to take it to the superior court,” said Gaylord.

As prosecuting attorney, Gaylord has been tightly involved in advising on and implementing the County Charter. He wrote and defended the nation’s first jet ski ordinance, established the crime victim services program; and ordinances implementing the charter; and wrote laws protecting the southern resident killer whale population.

Gaylord said that if elected, he would conduct court on Orcas and Lopez from time to time. “If the state supreme court can hold hearings around the state, the superior court could hold hearings on Orcas and Lopez.” Gaylord added that today’s judge needs to be an advocate for the use of modern technology and allow for easily use of video/ audio hearings and electronic filings.

Gaylord says that he is confident he has the values and working style that people trust and expect from the superior court judge. “Early in my career I clerked for Justice Christine Durham at the Utah Supreme Court and learned the importance of a compassionate and understanding judge.”

”My judicial philosophy is simple and direct. As a superior court judge, I will use the same honest, straight-forward approach that has served our citizens as prosecutor and make decisions that people understand and respect. I promise to uphold our laws, and before making rulings, look to the intent of laws and understand all the facts as presented,” said Gaylord.

Gaylord promised to run a campaign that respects the dignity of the office and the need to assure impartiality of a judge. “I know campaigns can be divisive, I have no desire to take that approach. To that end I will not seek endorsements from anyone, including judges and attorneys. My campaign will have limits on the number of people who make financial contributions to assure impartiality.”

Gaylord was in private practice for nine years and has been the prosecuting attorney for 14 years.

“During my career, I have handled all types of cases that come before the superior court, including criminal, complex antitrust, land use and property disputes. I have handled many judicial-like decisions as prosecutor, hearing examiner in Spokane and Judge Pro Tem in the San Juan County District Court.”

Gaylord has received the highest rating as “exceptionally well qualified” for the superior court judge position by four bar associations: the Washington Women Lawyers, Latina/o Bar Association, Q-Law, and Loren Miller Bar Association.

Gaylord, age 51, and his wife Marny were married in Olga 27 years ago. They live on Orcas Island with their two golden retrievers. Marny teaches at the Orcas Elementary School. They moved to Orcas in 1993 to raise their two children, Colin and Genevieve, who are now attending college.

Gaylord is active in the United Way of San Juan Islands, Islands Little League, the Orcas Island Lions Club and the San Juan Law and Justice Council.

Gaylord is a serious runner; he kicked off the campaign by running the 26.2 mile San Juan County Marathon on Sunday in a respectable time of 3:45. The campaign will be decided at the primary election. The last event of the campaign will be the 8.8K Journal Run to the County Fair on Saturday, August 16, said Gaylord.

For more information, please see and or call Randy at home: 360-376-3076.