Friday Harbor man charged with two counts of violating an order protection

Martin Soto-Guillen, 46, of San Juan Island, has been charged with two counts of violation of a protection order – two prior offenses in San Juan County Superior Court. His arraignment was held on Dec. 16.

On Dec. 5, a deputy responded to a call on Roche Harbor Road regarding a protection order violation. Upon arrival at the house, the deputy saw Soto-Guillen’s vehicle parked in front of the home of the victim. According to the certification for determination of probable cause, the deputy didn’t hear any shouting or fighting.

The report reads, “While waiting for a second unit to arrive I watched the front door of the residence. After a few moments, Martin exited the front door. … He said he didn’t have anywhere else to go. I said that he knew he wasn’t supposed to be there. He said, ‘Yeah, but I can’t pay rent anywhere else.’”

There are two current protection orders restricting Soto-Guillen from being at the residence and having contact with the victim: one expires in January 2020 and the other in March 2029.

Soto-Guillen’s criminal record includes residential burglary, two counts of violating a no-contact/protection order and two counts of assault in the fourth degree in San Juan County, and not having a valid driver’s license in Okanogan County District.