Update: Story of emergency responders being impersonated on the island is false

The family involved in the case below called the Sounder to clarify that the man who visited their home is an employee of the county and had legitimate reasons to be visiting the residence. While they were originally concerned and called the sheriff’s office, they later discovered the man was not impersonating anyone.

Orcas Island Fire and Rescue received a report from a local resident of concern this afternoon. The resident advised that a white vehicle came to their home and the vehicle occupant, a man, identified himself as a member of OIFR and stated they were verifying addresses with 911 records. The vehicle and its occupants did not represent OIFR. The San Juan County Sheriff’s Office has been notified.

OIFR would like to advise the public that our department members do not go uninvited to residences. If a member is representing OIFR they will be in uniform, in a marked Orcas Fire vehicle, and have identification available.

Thank you to our community for alerting us to this situation. If you are approached by someone who identifies him or herself as an OIFR member and you have concerns, please contact us at 376-2331 or the sheriff’s department immediately 378-4151 and do not allow access to your home or property.