Doe Bay Water to join with Eastsound Water in 2022

Submitted by Eastsound Water Users Association.

On August 6, 2021, Eastsound Water Users Association (EWUA) and the Doe Bay Water Users Association (DBWUA) signed an agreement to work in partnership to manage the Doe Bay Water system. Eastsound Water will take over operations in Q2 of 2022 and perform all daily tasks including testing, monitoring and maintaining the Doe Bay Water Users Association distribution system.

“We are very excited to have Eastsound Water take over the daily operations and maintenance of our system,” said Ted Wixom, current DBWUA board member and longtime operator and general manager of the system. “I have been involved with DBWUA and EWUA since 1995, and today we have actualized one of my longstanding dreams. I couldn’t be more excited to see these two systems working together.”

Eastsound Water will take the reins in Q2 of 2022 from Washington Water when their two-year maintenance and operations contract expires. The Doe Bay organization was complimentary of Washington Water’s service.

“We are happy with the service Washington Water has been providing, but we know that one of their goals is to acquire our system. We simply are not interested in selling at this point in time,” said Chris Sutton, DBWUA board member. “With Eastsound Water we have no pressure to sell, and we will enjoy excellent service from a local organization. Plus, good-paying, career-oriented jobs remain on-island. As a board member, I’m glad that we can contribute to the health of another island water association. It really is a win-win.”