County Drug Court celebrates its first graduate

by Jane Severin

Drug Court Coordinator

The San Juan County Adult Drug Court awarded its first Certificate of Graduation to Jordan Lynn-Jefferson of Orcas Island on July 7, 2021. After 697 days or almost 24 months in the County’s therapeutic program, Jordan emerges a more self-confident and mature young man with goals for his life, and tools to maintain his stability and sobriety.

The San Juan County Drug Court, which launched in January 2019, is a therapeutic program designed to reduce substance abuse and criminal recidivism, and increase rehabilitation and community safety. Drug Court suspends the traditional criminal case while the individual engages in an intensive process for approximately two years, including frequent court hearings, evaluation and treatment for substance abuse and addiction, frequent testing for drugs and alcohol, living skills classes and facilitated goal setting, and support in engaging in continued education or obtaining sustained employment by graduation.

“We are proud to honor our first Drug Court graduate. The success of Drug Court is the result of the hard work of the participants, as well as the commitment and dedication of our numerous local partners in law and justice, behavioral health partner Compass Health, and the community. It is an honor to join participants on their journey through Drug Court, and it is incredibly rewarding to witness their success and healing,” shared Judge Kathryn Loring.

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Receiving Order of Dismissal of Superior Court case Jordan Lynn-Jefferson and Judge Kathryn Loring, Superior Court Judge. (CONTRIBUTED PHOTO)