County Dems select delegates to state convention and congressional district caucuses

Democrats in the 40th Legislative District caucused in separate locations on April 5 as a follow-up to the Feb. 9 precinct caucuses, in which Sen. Barack Obama of Illinois emerged the overwhelming choice of Democrats participating in the caucuses.

Obama also outpolled Sen. Hillary Clinton of New York in the Feb. 19 primary. The state Democratic Party chose to allocate all of its delegates based on the caucuses.

Saturday at Friday Harbor Middle School, more than 150 San Juan County delegates and alternates elected at the precinct caucuses showed almost the same preferences as they did in February. Seven delegates were apportioned to Obama and one delegate to Clinton.

Clinton delegate: Mia Katiganer

Clinton alternate: Ruth Ann McKenna

Obama delegates: Patty Ward, Elizabeth Swift, Katie Schmidt, Susan Toch, Jamie Stephens, Julien Glasser, Bob Gamble

Obama alternates: Errol Speed, Caroline Gauman-Boss, Charles McCarty

The County Convention is April 19 at Friday Harbor High School. At the county convention, Democrats will consider platform and resolution issues to forward to the state convention.

The Congressional District caucus is May 17 at McIntyre Hall at Skagit Valley College in Mount Vernon. The state convention is June 13-14 in Spokane.