California woman charged with burglary and malicious mischief

Serina Verlair Johnson, 30, of Costa Mesa, California, has been charged with one count of burglary in the first degree and one count of malicious mischief in San Juan County Superior Court. A warrant for her arrest was issued on June 29 and she has not yet been detained.

Johnson is accused of breaking into a home owned by an Eastsound woman. She had previously lived there with the victim but had not been a resident for a few years.

On June 28, the victim says Johnson showed up at her house and lingered outside. The victim hid, waiting for the defendant to leave. Johnson allegedly broke a window in the house and then drove away in her car. The victim did not report the incident to law enforcement but was afraid Johnson would return, so she began recording on her tablet and dialed 911 into her phone.

According to the probable cause statement, Johnson did return and slammed her body against the locked front door until it opened. The victim called 911 as Johnson allegedly began knocking items off the shelves, cornering the victim in a room, slamming her against the wall, grabbing her by the throat and attempting to kiss her. Dispatch reported they could hear a woman screaming at someone to “get off” her. The victim was able to keep Johnson from taking the phone away from her by holding it tight to her body. Johnson then drove away.

While en route to the call, two deputies passed a car that seconds later dispatch told them was the suspect. They immediately turned around but were unable to locate the vehicle or Johnson.

Upon arrival at the scene, deputies determined the victim had not sustained physical injuries in the altercation. The front door frame and deadbolts were broken and a crack radiated one foot in each direction of the frame. The door itself had a one-foot crack running through where the deadbolt was located. A bedroom window had an 8-inch hole and a flat screen television was face down on the floor. The deputy’s report states that the victim’s 911 calls were consistent with her account of the incident. The victim told police that Johnson has a “history” of breaking into her house and causing property damage, but she did not report it previously for fear of getting her into trouble.

Johnson’s previous criminal history includes resisting arrest in Chelan County and assault in the fourth degree — domestic violence in Okanogan County.