Socrates Cafe is starting soon.

Busy times at Orcas Senior Center

  • Sat Feb 27th, 2021 1:30am
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Orcas Socrates Café

Beginning Sunday, March 14 at 4 p.m. and every second Sunday of the month, Orcas Senior Center will virtually host Orcas Socrates Café. This is, by all intent, an opportunity to gather as a community for a broad conversation on philosophical perspectives. The method of conversation was developed by Christopher Phillips, who created the café framework using the Socratic method of discussion. The book, Socrates Café: A Fresh Taste by Philosophy, which explores the author’s reasons for forming and facilitating discussion, will be available at the Orcas Island Library and Darvill’s Bookstore.

Orcas Socrates Café is not a book club, but rather a conversation where everyone will be encouraged to exchange philosophical perspectives based on their experiences. We hope you will be compelled to join us in a progression of questions which will broadly and thoughtfully encourage a friendly community dialog.

To register for Orcas Socrates Café, go to

March for Meals

The Meals on Wheels program, first signed into law in March 1972 by President Richard Nixon, has for nearly 50 years delivered more than just nutritious meals, it also provides a vital lifeline and connection to the community.

By now you have certainly heard about the dramatic increase in Meals on Wheels deliveries during the months of COVID-19 self-isolation. What you may not know is that these meals are only partially subsidized by State and Federal funds. The rest comes from grants, meal donations, and other donations.

The Orcas Senior Center non-profit is extremely grateful to all of the donors who made it possible for us to continue to support this vital program, including those who donated to the nutrition program through the 2020 OICF GiveOrcas Spring Catalog. Your generous donations not only sustained us through 2020, they also put us in a strong position to face 2021.

This month is national March for Meals month, when all of the Meals on Wheels programs in the nation come together to celebrate the collaboration of local community organizations, businesses and the many individuals who ensure that this program continues.