Burn ban extended until further notice

  • Fri Sep 11th, 2020 12:10pm
  • News

Due to fire danger and stretched resources, the San Juan County is extending the current burn ban to prohibit all outdoor fires, effective immediately and until further notice.

This change is prompted by several factors. Hot and dry weather has made conditions ripe for ignition and fast fire spread, and forecasts predict more of the same. Multiple local brush fires broke out over the weekend, underscoring the danger. Large fires in progress across the state have depleted all but local firefighting resources. “Escaped outdoor fires are a leading cause of wildland fires, prevention of these situations is of paramount importance and eliminating burning achieves this goal.” Stated Fire Marshal R.J. Myers

While outdoor fires are to blame for many dangerous brush fires, there are other causes as well the situation is serious, and we really need everyone’s help limiting all ignition sources. Dispose of smoking materials properly. Secure trailer chains to prevent sparks. Practice fire-safe target shooting (where target shooting is allowed). Defer mowing until conditions improve. And be cautions with tall grass and hot exhaust.