Bitten boy; dodgy dog; contractor conflict; stolen shrimp | San Juan County Sheriff’s Log

The San Juan County Sheriff’s Office responded to the following calls:

May 3

• Deputies responded to a Friday Harbor apartment to settle a noise complainant, caused by an intoxicated male. The situation was settled.

• A driver on Orcas was stopped and ticketed for an expired registration, they also had an expired California driver’s license.

May 4

• San Juan deputies responded to the Peace Health emergency room because a three-year-old boy was bitten on the ferry by a small dog. No information from the dog owners was gathered, but the parents thought they were visitors. Deputies were unable to locate the dog owners in town.

• A deputy was dispatched to an Eastsound residence regarding a fraudulent phone scam. There are no local suspects. A report was taken.

• An Orcas deputy contacted an Olga resident about being the victim of a phone scam. A report was taken.

• An Orcas deputy responded to a report of vehicle vandalism. An investigation was completed.

May 5

• A Friday Harbor citizen contacted the sheriff’s office with an alleged trespassing complaint. After a brief investigation, it was found to be a civil matter between two neighbors.

• A Lopez Island resident called to report vandalism to her vehicle. The event was investigated.

• The reporting deputy was contacted by phone in reference to a harassment issue in the Friday Harbor area. The caller wished to have an informational report taken only, which was completed.

• A Friday Harbor deputy was contacted about a custodial issue. The caller reported that his ex-wife was not responding to him about turning over a child for the weekend. All attempts to contact the ex-wife failed. The investigation is ongoing.

• The reporting deputy was contacted in reference to a theft in the Friday Harbor area. The caller said that he invited two males into his residence. When they left he noticed items missing. The investigation is ongoing.

• A Lopez deputy responded to an unwanted person complaint on Weeks Road. The reporting person stated a motorist almost hit her while she was walking. The motorist denied the claim. The dispute began over a property issue. A report was completed.

• A Lopez Island deputy stopped a motorist in the 2700 block of Fisherman Bay Road for speeding. The driver was given a ticket for not having a license and for speeding.

May 6

• The reporting deputy was dispatched to a local business in the Friday Harbor area in reference to an unwanted person. The deputy contacted the caller and received information on the incident. Two subjects were removed from the property.

• A Lopez deputy responded to a dog-at-large complaint. The dog was found walking alone on the road near Kielhaven Road. The dog’s owner was located and it was learned the dog sitter unintentionally allowed the dog to leave the property. The dog was returned and a report was completed.

• A deputy responded to the Lopez Village skate park for an erratic behaving person believed to be on drugs. It was determined the person was a possible threat to himself or others due to his unstable mental condition. He was flown to the mainland for a medical evaluation.

May 7

• The caller contacted the reporting deputy at the sheriff’s office in reference to a theft that occurred in the San Juan Island area. The caller said she paid a contractor to do a job but failed to do it. The investigation is ongoing.

• A deputy in Friday Harbor received a report of an order violation. The victim reported multiple violations of a no-contact order. The suspect has not yet been located.

• A deputy stopped a vehicle for speeding on Olga Road. The driver was warned for speeding but given an infraction for no proof of insurance.

• A deputy in Friday Harbor assisted EMS with an aid call. The deputy had to force entry into the residence to gain access to the patient. The patient was transported to the hospital by EMS.

May 8

• Lopez deputies were dispatched to a domestic issue. The suspect departed prior to deputies’ arrival and the investigation is ongoing.

• An Orcas deputy was dispatched to a medical facility in regards to a suicidal subject. Compass Mental Health was notified. The subject was transported to Island Hospital for an evaluation.

• The reporting deputy was dispatched to the San Juan Island area in reference to a suspicious circumstance. The deputy arrived and made contact with a single subject. An informational report was taken.

May 9

• There was a report of theft of shrimp in Friday Harbor. A report was taken, there is no further information at this time.

• The sheriff initiated a traffic stop in Friday Harbor and issued the driver an infraction for failure to wear a seatbelt.