Be a superhero for Planet Earth

Be a superhero for Planet Earth

Submitted by Orcas Recycling Services and The Exchange.

We’re asking Superheroes of all ages to unite and help us clean-up our islands during this year’s annual Fall Great Islands Clean-up! The event will be a week-long household/individual effort beginning Sept. 28 and running through Oct. 4.

This is an opportunity for our community to get outside, get some exercise, and help make our islands plastic and litter-free by the sea.

We encourage everyone to contact us in advance to discuss your clean-up targets—we don’t need every volunteer hitting Crescent Beach! In fact, we hope adults will take on the busier roadways, leaving the beaches to groups with kids.

In keeping with San Juan County’s Phase 2 guidelines, masks will be required, participants should practice social distancing, and there will be no congregating. Groups should also be kept small, according to the State’s guidelines.

Garbage bags, grabbers, safety vests, and latex gloves will be available at ORS/The Exchange beginning Thursday the 24th. Any road-side or beach litter collected can then be returned to the Orcas Transfer Station for no charge. You will be required to fill out a short form describing the areas you cleaned up.

For more information Orcas residents can go to, or contact Pete Moe at ORS/The Exchange

Visit for more information about the clean-up events and art projects on all the islands.