Arrest warrant issued for Orcas man

A $5,000 warrant for the arrest of Michael Louis Bolster, 37, of Eastsound was issued by San Juan County Superior Court on Aug. 13.

Bolster is wanted for one count of violating the uniform controlled substances act — possession of methamphetamine. The defendant also has an active warrant out of Snohomish County Superior Court.

A deputy was on patrol April 10 in Eastsound when he recognized a black Subaru with California plates that he believed belonged to Bolster. He was aware of outstanding active warrants for Bolster’s arrest so he followed the vehicle down a driveway. According to his report, the deputy saw the vehicle parked with Bolster exiting the driver’s seat. He ordered him to stop but Bolster went to his back passenger door and opened it, revealing a 10-month-old child inside. The deputy placed Bolster is handcuffs. Dispatch confirmed that he had an outstanding arrest warrant from Snohomish County and a suspended license. Bolster told the deputy he hadn’t been driving.

After being read his rights, Bolster asked if he could have his medication, which he identified as Suboxine. He stated it was in the center console of the vehicle. While retrieving it, the officer noticed a butane hand torch in the console. After receiving permission from Bolster to remove registration and insurance documents from the vehicle, a pen pipe with brown residue was discovered inside the car. In addition, there was a roll of aluminum foil on the floorboard of the passenger seat. According to the deputy’s report, “Foil is used to place drugs on and heat them up in order to inhale the smoke.”

After Bolster was booked into jail, a judge issued a search warrant for the vehicle. Officers found a small bag with methamphetamine inside, a glass smoking pipe with white and brown residue and pills that were identified as Suboxine. The presence of methamphetamine was later confirmed by a lab.

Bolster appeared in San Juan County District Court on April 11 regarding driving with a suspended license and was released on personal recognizance and promised to appear on May 9. Bolster’s lawyer appeared in court on May 9, requesting a one-week continuance because Bolster “could not be there.” On May 16, the defendant failed to appear again and a bench warrant for $500 was issued. It has remained outstanding.

On June 3, the Snohomish County Prosecuting Attorney charged Bolster with criminal impersonation in the first degree. Bolster failed to appear to that summons and a warrant was issued for his arrest.

The San Juan County Prosecutor’s Office charged Bolster with possession of methamphetamine and asked for an arrest warrant based on his previous inability to appear in court. San Juan County Superior Court Judge Kathryn Loring granted the arrest warrant on Aug. 13.

Bolster’s criminal history includes the following in Everett, Bellingham, Pierce County, Whatcom County and Santa Clara: making a false statement, five counts of driving with a suspended license, a protection order violation, malicious mischief, marijuana possession, theft in the first and second degrees, criminal impersonation, obstructing a law enforcement officer, two counts of bail jumping, forgery, possessing stolen property, two counts of possessing a controlled substance, receiving known stolen property and theft by forgery.