April joins the race for Mayor

April the cow submitted the following letter to the Orcas community.

Gentle Bipeds,

I am mooved to write this letter to my moovelous voting public. Therewas an outpouring of emootion when it was discovered that I was noton the ballot for mayor of Eastsound. You cried out for an explanation.

My outrage turned to despair when the voting public continually elects young quadrupeds for mayor. It appears there is no room for wisdom gained through years of living adjacent to schoolyards, interacting with children, and watching Eastsound grow and change.

My Orcas life began when two sisters adopted me from the SJC Fair over fifteen years ago. I live downtown in the middle of the education hub. Elementary, middle and a high school are adjacent to my home. I have lived my life lovingly devoted to children. We talk on their way to and from school, I eat their apples and lick their fingers! I am most experienced when it comes to the little bipeds.

I am outstanding in this field.

I have a steak in this race! I love little bipeds!

I have moodeled for their art.

I have always been a moover when it comes to their well being.

I was toold it was utterly ridiculous that I run again, the public doesn’t understand my gifts, wisdoom, communication bellows and chewing cud with the wee ones. You are bellowing for me to run! I cannot, in good cowscience, ignore you. I am throwing my hoorn in the ring and will run as a write in candidate!

No Bull! No bull, seriously I am a cow (for those of you who aren’t sure) and hay, remember I am also the green candidate!

Ask the children! I am cowfident they would tell you to voote for me!

My pedigree says I am called a Brown Swiss. I say I am 100% American.

Thanks for your enthoosiasm and suppoort and remember, eat moore chicken!