An easy, meant-to-be love | The Spinogattis

It all began with a chance encounter at a tropical resort.

Native New Yorker Jon Spinogatti reluctantly agreed to meet a group of high school friends in the Bahamas for vacation. It was a decision that forever changed his life.

As soon as Jon walked into the hotel, he saw a beautiful woman lying by the pool, asleep. His room wasn’t available yet, so he sat down next to her, still in his leather jacket. He hung out for 40 minutes, hoping she’d wake up, but she never did. After changing his clothes and returning to the pool a short bit later, the woman was gone.

Jon didn’t see her again until the following day, during a trapeze class, when she climbed up, grabbed the bar to swing out and immediately said, “Oh no, no, no.”

“She climbed right back down,” remembers Jon. “It was the first thing that really made me like her. She was just so different. She was interesting.”

It rained the rest of the day, sending many people into the hot tubs, which was a welcome scenario for Jon.

“I was very grateful because I didn’t know how to get to her. But in the hot tub, now she was cornered,” he laughed.

Jon decided the best way to make a good impression was to entertain the mystery woman and her friends by holding his breath underwater and making his way around to each person, asking where they were from. He finally learned her name – Nicole – and was shocked to hear that New Jersey was her hometown.

Nicole agreed to see him later at a dance in the resort and says she played it cool at first, ignoring Jon when he came up to her that night. But then her friend encouraged him to give it another shot, and Nicole finally gave in. That same friend snapped a photo of them on the dancefloor, which Jon keeps in his home office.

“Initially he said he couldn’t dance, but then he busted a move — in true Jon fashion — and everyone was circling around us,” Nicole said.

After that evening, the two were inseparable. Nicole was scheduled to fly home a few days later, but Jon promised to be in touch when he got back. True to his word, the minute he landed in New York and was heading home in a cab, he called her. Three months later they were engaged and nine months later they were married.

“We wouldn’t have ever met. We were never in the same circles,” Jon said. “If that trip to the Bahamas wasn’t fate, I don’t know what is.”

The Spinogattis spent the first year of their relationship on the road with a traveling production of “Saturday Night Fever.” Jon was a singer and dancer in the ensemble cast and Nicole accompanied him to major cities across the country. Their wedding was in San Francisco, attended by both sides of their family as well as every member of the show. They renewed their vows two years later in Hawaii in a private ceremony.

After a brief stint back in New York, the two moved to Los Angeles for Jon to pursue an acting career. He appeared in Martin Scorsese’s “Wolf of Wall Street.” After five years together, the couple decided to bring a child into their romantic bliss.

“We had a great time for five years. It was the golden age,” joked Jon.

After some initial difficulty becoming pregnant, Nicole gave birth to Jack, who is now 14. They wanted to give him a sibling but assumed it would be another long and difficult process, so they decided to give it just one shot.

“And then we got pregnant with Katie!” said Nicole.

In 2008, the family moved to Las Vegas, where Jon’s parents lived. They saw Orcas on an HGTV show about beachfront homes and decided to vacation on the island in 2016. During that first trip, they bought a house and became full-time residents two years later. Nicole is the director of development and community engagement at the Funhouse Commons.

“We couldn’t think of a reason to stay in Vegas,” said Jon, who has been a real estate developer for the past decade.

Although having children drastically changed their relationship, the two approached life the way they always had: as a team.

“Even in those early years when it’s the hardest, I always knew he had my back and I had his,” remembers Nicole. “We never have jealousy, we never have insecurities and we never fight. … We can talk to each other. I just have no worries.”

Jon says their 12-year-old daughter “came out of the womb age 35” and is an old soul. He describes Jack as outgoing, creative and artistic. The siblings are best friends, helping each other with homework and spending most of their free time together. The Spinogattis play cards and board games and love to cook. Nicole and Jon also make time for date nights at home and always have one show that they are binge-watching.

“We are all homebodies,” said Jon.

Added Nicole: “Basically the entire day we are just waiting to go back to the house and get back into our pajamas.”

Once their kids are in college, Nicole and Jon plan to travel again.

“As long as we are together, we can be anywhere,” he said.

An easy, meant-to-be love | The Spinogattis