The Best Hookup Sites and Sex Dating Apps in 2021

Online dating has exploded in popularity recently – there is a wide variety of options for those looking to date, from the serious to the casual.

Some apps are more geared toward serious dating, while others may be more or less involved. If you’re looking for the best hookup sites that are designed for casual hookups and dating – we’ve got you covered!

Here are the 12 best hookup sites out there in 2021!

Best Hookup Sites & One Night Stand Apps

Quick Breakdown

Site Editor’s Notes Is it Free? Score
��Adult Friend Finder
  • Geared specifically toward hookups
  • Several payment plans
  • Plenty of extra content
  • Free plan with no messages
  • Premium memberships available
��Ashley Madison
  • Discreet service
  • For those already in relationships
  • Many users
  • Free to see profiles
  • Costs credits to start conversations
��Reddit R4R
  • Large, active community
  • Easy to get to know someone before matching
  • Free
  • Yes (but limited user base)
Seeking Arrangement
  • Luxury dating with attractive people
  • Higher female-to-male ratio
  • Free for women, not for men
  • Highly streamlined
  • Large number of users
  • Users are verifiable
  • Free version with limited swipes
  • Similar format to Tinder, except women message first
  • Easy to casual conversation
  • Generous free plan
  • Free version with limited likes
  • Designed specifically for casual hookups
  • Users create “personal ads” instead of profiles
  • Everything deleted after 24 hours
  • Discreet
  • Free for women
  • Weekly & monthly subscription plans for men
Plenty of Fish
  • Options for personality-based & swiping-based matching
  • Easy to specify exactly what you’re looking for
  • Free to use with premium services at cost
  • Dating site specifically for kink
  • Offers chance to explore
  • Active BDSM and roleplay communities
  • Free account option with limited features
  • Marketed towards younger users and LGBTQ+ people
  • Matches based on personality, but swiping option is available
  • Free for most features
  • Have to pay for hookup-based features

1. Adult Friend Finder – Best For Hookups Overall

While there are a number of quality hookup sites out there, Adult Friend Finder is the overall best hookup site. The site boasts a vibrant community, a plethora of content, and an emphasis on casual adult dating.

Plus, it’s super sex-positive!

In addition to its adult matching, Adult Friend Finder is a stellar option because of its extensive collection of additional content. The site offers features including live member webcams, fiction stories, nonfiction stories, and chat rooms for niche topics—all features that are hard to come by on other hookup sites.

It’s certainly a unique website.

The site offers several payment plans. While the basic plan is free, it doesn’t allow you to message anyone; the site’s premium plan costs $34.95 per month or $239.40 for the year.

That’s all to say that this site can be on the pricier side, but it’s well worth a try.

2. Ashley Madison – Best For Discreet Dating

As compared to the other sites on this list, Ashley Madison places a premium on easy, successful hookups. The site was originally designed for cheating on partners and spouses, and as such, it’s earned a rather raunchy reputation.

Rightfully so!

That said, since its inception, Ashley Madison has expanded its clientele to include anyone in an existing monogamous relationship—whether married people, people who want to be polyamorous, or people in open relationships.

It’s open to everyone.

That might not be something that everyone is looking for, but it bears mentioning that Ashley Madison is one of the few casual dating sites with a very strong degree of success with hookups. If you’re looking to jump straight to a no-strings-attached relationship, this is a great hookup site for you – you’ll find casual hookups online easily.

A major issue with Ashley Madison, however, is that it’s experienced personal data breaches in the past. However, they’ve learned from their mistakes and significantly improved their systems, so now your data is more secure than ever before.

3. Reddit R4R – Best Free Hookup Site

The next option on this list isn’t a service like Tinder or other dating apps so much as it is a community. Reddit’s r/dirtyr4r community is a community of over 600,000 users who can meet for casual encounters via posts and comments.

One of r/dirtyr4r’s advantages is that it’s rather simple to use—it doesn’t require signups, and there are no premium costs required to use it. The procedure is also rather straightforward. If you want to meet someone, simply post that you’re looking for a match or comment on someone else’s post.

Then, see what happens!

The main disadvantage of Reddit, however, is that it isn’t specifically designed for dating—which means that there’s no guarantee of verification or any special features. There’s always the possibility of coming across someone who’s trolling or who isn’t saying everything.

Always exercise caution!

That said, however, the mild risks of r/dirtyr4r are outweighed by its active community and openness to kink. If you’re looking for something a little spicier and want to plug into a free hookup site without the extra steps of Tinder, then Reddit might be the best hookup site for you.

4. Seeking Arrangement – Best Casual Dating Site

Seeking Arrangement is a niche casual dating site oriented towards wealthy people seeking attractive partners who want to indulge in the luxury lifestyle and go on fancy dates.

Because of its structure, Seeking Arrangement attracts a large number of women looking to get matched with men—in fact, the site’s female-to-male ratio is nearly 3 to 1. This might be a compelling option if you want a wide pool of potential matches but don’t want to deal with tons of competition.

While you can use this site for free if you’re seeking a rich match, its membership fees for rich users are rather large—a potential downside if you’re trying to date on a limited budget. However, Seeking Arrangement does offer a free chat feature, which lets you dip your toe in the water to make sure this kind of dating is right for you.

Why not give Seeking a try?

5. Tinder – Best Hookup App For Millennials

Tinder is basically synonymous with casual dating, and for good reason. The app, which is available on iOS, Android, and the web, is simultaneously straightforward and versatile, which has made it one of the most popular dating sites on the market.

With Tinder’s simple system, you see potential matches in your area, can browse through several pictures and a personal description, and then swipe right or left to decide whether you want to talk more. If the other person swiped on you, then you’ll be matched to chat.

Anything from a serious relationship to a casual encounter may ensue!

Where Tinder really shines is that it can offer plenty of chances to show off your personality while also making it clear that you want to date casually. On top of that, Tinder has a huge pool of potential matches, giving you a wide range of people to connect with.

The catch is that, for free, you have only a limited number of swipes per day. However, Tinder also offers some premium features for a monthly fee. The most expensive option, Tinder Platinum, gives you unlimited likes, the opportunity to hide ads, the ability to see who’s hit like on you, and more.

6. Bumble – Top Hookup App For Women

Bumble is one of the best hookup apps for women, mainly due to the fact that it allows women to start the conversation first. Even better – it ONLY allows women to initiate a conversation with a male match.

Women are often drowning in messages from men on apps like Bumble, so the idea is to level the playing field a little and give them a more chilled-out experience. No more inboxes full of creeps and penis pictures – huzzah!

On top of being one of the best hookups apps for women, this app also comes with a generous amount of included likes, allowing you to express your interest in many people without paying a penny – handy! Because of the large number of women on this app, it also helps men who find they’re often stuck on sites with small female-male ratios – sites like Bumble and Seeking Arrangement are much more in your favor!

7. Pure – Best Hookup App For NSA Hookups

Pure is one of the best hookup sites for people who want discreet, no-strings-attached hookups. Unlike sites where you construct a profile that persists when you’re offline, everything on Pure has a time limit.

Some people love that, some people hate it!

To use Pure, you upload a picture of yourself with a minimalist “personal ad’ instead of a profile. From there, your ad will stay up for 24 hours, and you’ll have to do everything on the app—matching, chatting, etc.—during that time frame.

After that, it’s permanently deleted.

This hyper-fast-paced system means that Pure is one of the best adult dating sites for those who don’t need training wheels, those who want some quick casual sex, and those who want to wipe the slate clean when they’re done.

There are two major asterisks on Pure, however. First, it’s not a matchmaking service, so you see all the people in your area—which, depending on the app’s popularity where you are, might vary. Second, its fast-paced style can be rather dizzying.

However, if you want to experiment with a faster-paced hookup app, then Pure allows men to try it for free (women have unlimited free use).

8. Plenty of Fish – Best Casual Dating Site

In contrast with some of the expensive options on this list, Plenty of Fish is specifically designed to be friendly to your wallet—all users have a basic free membership.

The real draw, though, is its matching system, which pairs users not based on photo or location but based on personality and preferences. When you sign up, you’re given a short but thorough questionnaire, which makes it extremely easy to match with someone who wants exactly what you do—whether flings or serious relationships.

On top of that, Plenty of Fish also offers a “Meet Me” feature, which allows you to browse local users who are looking to meet up. Both individuals are presented with the other’s profile picture and are given the simple option of yes or no—making it easy to have some no strings attached fun.

Just make sure your intentions are clear!

As a hookup site, Plenty of Fish is an excellent option if you’re looking to date casually but want the option of being matched based on genuine chemistry and connection.

9. Alt.com – Best Kinky Hookup Site

One of the downsides of mainstream hookup apps is that they aren’t easy to navigate if you’re part of the kink scene—it can be difficult enough to explain what you’re looking for, much less find a match.

But this is where Alt.com comes in.

Alt.com is a dating and hookup site geared specifically to people with specific kinks and fetishes, and its matching system is based on this principle. While BDSM might be one of the first kinks that come to many users’ minds, there’s also an active roleplay scene.

In addition, the site is free to use!

However, the important qualifier is that Alt.com suffers from a heavy concentration of trolls and from a skewed female-to-male ratio. This can make it a bit difficult to find a match without wading through a few potential spammers.

That said, if kink is important to your hookup experience, then Alt.com is one of the strongest options, as it allows you to weed out those who aren’t matches and focus on people with compatible kinks to have the best freaky hookup possible.

10. OkCupid – Most Versatile Hookup & Dating Site

Of the sites on this list, OkCupid is one of the most versatile. It’s an excellent space for those who are looking for serious relationships, but it also works quite well for those who want something more casual.

The site’s design reflects this principle. When you search for matches in your area, you can select special filters that highlight other users who are looking for the same thing, allowing you to easily match and chat.

OkCupid is also notable for being geared toward young people and LGBTQ+ people. Whereas other sites and apps can often be largely oriented toward traditional and straight relationships, OkCupid offers the opportunity to connect with those with non-normative sexual preferences or gender.

We love to see it!

While most of OkCupid’s features are free, there are special perks that come in handy for casual dating, like advanced filters for hookups that you can only access if you pay. However, at $7.95 a month, it certainly won’t break the bank.

Hookup Site FAQs

Are hookup sites safe?

On the whole, using a hookup site is safe. All the hookup sites and apps listed here are legitimate businesses with reliable payment processing systems, and they won’t ensnare your bank account in any unscrupulous activity.

That said, it’s always extremely important to exercise caution before you meet someone from a hookup app. Always confirm that they are who they say they are beforehand, meet in a safe place, and, if you’re at all concerned, let a friend know where you’re going to be.

Better safe than sorry!

Additionally, if things turn physical, then be sure to practice safe sex; it can be very easy for STDs to spread through casual sex, so make sure to wear a condom and get tested beforehand and afterward!

What kinds of people look for online hookups?

While there’s a stereotype that adult dating sites are only for a seedy crowd seeking casual sex, casual online dating is more popular than ever, which means that people from all walks of life do it.

As the diversity of hookup sites and apps in this article attests, there are adult dating sites for men, women, young people, old people, straight people, LGBTQ+ people, and many more.

That means that, if you want to use a dating site, don’t let stereotypes dissuade you—follow your heart!

Will I be anonymous if I use online dating sites?

Anonymity is, naturally, a pretty big concern for those who use hookup apps. However, don’t be too worried—most apps do a great job of protecting user privacy data so that your personal information doesn’t end up in someone else’s hands.

Many top hookup sites are specifically designed to protect your privacy.

If discretion is a big priority for you, then consider an app like Pure—besides being visible only to use the app, all of your data will be wiped from the site 24 hours after you upload it. That means that it’ll basically be as fleeting as it can be.

Don’t hang around!

Is there etiquette for casual dating sites?

In short, yes. Like any website, each hookup site has its own etiquette and best practices. The long and short of it, though, is to be respectful and responsible with the people you’re chatting with.

Don’t send unsolicited sexual communications, and don’t push someone further than they’re comfortable going.

If you’re uncertain about how to navigate an in-person hookup, communicate your expectations in advance. That way, everyone will understand each other a little better—and the experience of meeting up will be better all around.

Do I have to meet someone in person if I use a hookup site?

Not at all!

Many of the best online dating sites, like Adult Friend Finder, have an extensive collection of content that goes beyond meeting up, including fiction, non-fiction, live webcams, and casual chatting.

Even in apps like Tinder, there’s no obligation to meet someone in person. Many people use hookup apps for casual dating, but plenty more use them just to talk to other people.

Are hookup sites legal?

Yes, adult dating sites and apps are completely legal.

Hookup sites are all age-restricted—nobody over the age of majority can be on them, so you can be sure that everything is done between consenting adults.

Do I have to pay for a hookup?

Strictly speaking, no.

While a hookup site will typically charge fees for premium membership and benefits, hookups themselves do not cost money. This is even the case for sugar baby relationships, which are based on the expectation of money but are not based on exchanging sex for money.

How do I decide the best hookup app for me?

The basic way to decide on an adult dating site is to recognize your needs and set your priorities accordingly.

For example:

  • If you don’t have a ton of money to spend, then go for a site with lots of completely free features like Reddit
  • If you’re trying to keep things private, prioritize sites where you can stay discreet easily
  • If you’re done playing games with people, use a site like Adult Friend Finder that’s straight to the point

There isn’t a single right answer for everybody, but you should generally try to find an online dating site that’ll help you to make the kind of connection you want while also staying safe.

Ultimately, the best hookup app is the one that works for you.

Conclusion – Which Hookup Site Is Best For Me?

On the whole, there’s a bevy of sites and apps if you’re looking for somewhere to date casually—all depending on your needs and interests.

If you’re looking for a more mainstream experience with plenty of young people, then an online dating site like Tinder, OkCupid, or Bumble will be for you. That said, these sites are also for more serious dating, so hookups are by no means guaranteed.

If you want sites that are all about hookups and casual relationships, then Pure, Reddit, Ashley Madison, or our overall favorite option, Adult Friend Finder will be the best hookup sites for you. These sites cut right to the chase and help you connect with adults in your area looking for some casual fun.

Though some come with higher price tags or more premium features, there’s sure to be a dating site that’ll help you find just the experience—and the person—you’re looking for.

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