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Sleep is essential for the body as it recharges your brain and allows you to function normally. This is why it is vital to get enough sleep each day. Unfortunately, not everyone can sleep easily, and according to the American Sleep Association, 70 million U.S citizens suffer from sleep disorders. Lack of sleep can cause weight gain, bad moods, poor memory, and a weak immune system.

Pharmaceutical drugs may help, but they cause addiction. This is why it is wise to seek natural solutions. Sleep Guard Plus is a natural breakthrough formula that helps curb sleep problems, and the best part is that it has worked for many people. This review will help you learn what it is, how it works, and where you can get it.

What is Sleep Guard Plus?

Sleep Guard Plus is a natural dietary supplement designed to eliminate the leading cause of insomnia or sleep deprivation. It has been manufactured with 100% natural ingredients that have been proven to provide a calming effect to your body. The ingredients also help fight off the chemicals and toxins present in the foods you consume every day.

Apart from that, the formula helps to regulate your sleep-wake cycle. It is produced in the U.S.A in an FDA-approved and GMP-certified facility to ensure it is pure and safe for consumption. This means that Sleep Guard Plus does not contain any stimulants, toxins and is non-addictive.

Pros and Cons of Sleep Guard Plus


  • It is non-GMO
  • It is easy to use
  • It helps fight off toxins in your body
  • It has excellent customer reviews
  • It comes with many other health benefits


  • Sleep Guard Plus is only sold on the official website. You cannot find it anywhere else.

How Does Sleep Guard Plus Work?

Sleep Guard Plus is a powerful formula that promises to eliminate sleep deprivation. So, what causes sleep deprivation? The gut is responsible for regulating the wake-sleep cycle, and when there are toxins or harmful bacteria in the gut, it causes insomnia. The gut is filled with thousands of bacteria, fungi, and viruses, affecting brain function.

According to the official website, the gut plays a huge role in producing dopamine and serotonin hormone, which helps in sleep-wake patterns. They’ve also added that most serotonin hormone is made in the gut instead of the brain.

This means that the gut plays a significant role in ensuring that your sleep patterns are normal. The problem is that the gut microbiota is always affected by two factors; the food we consume and antibiotics. Our diets are always high in fats and sugars. This increases blood sugar levels and what’s worse is a lot of magnesium is utilized, which is an essential element for sleep.

On the other hand, antibiotics lead to the reduction of gut microbiota, which causes nocturnal insomnia. Thankfully, Sleep Guard Plus is here to eliminate all the poisons and toxins found in your gut so that you can sleep easily and comfortably. The formula uses unique plants and herbs with sleep-inducing elements to allow the body to excrete sleep hormones.

Ingredients Used In Sleep Guard Plus

All the ingredients used in the Sleep Guard Plus formula have been combined in the right proportion to ensure it effectively eliminates the root cause of Insomnia. Here are some of the compounds used:


This ingredient is a vital amino acid found in vegetables and fruits like apples, bananas, and nuts. According to some scientific studies, L-tryptophan helps individuals suffering from sleep apnea. It minimizes the frequencies where they find it difficult to breathe while asleep. Apart from that, this compound is usually turned into a molecule that can produce melatonin and serotonin.


Magnesium is a common mineral that is usually found in nuts, broccoli, almonds, etc. The mineral is suitable for promoting restful and steady sleep. Magnesium also helps the gut support a better and functioning immune system. This, in turn, stabilizes sleep hormones and neurotransmitters like GABA.

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Calcium and Vitamin B6

When calcium and vitamin B6 are combined with L-tryptophan and magnesium, it boosts serotonin and dopamine levels, which induces melatonin.

Goji Berry

This is yet another ingredient that helps to promote sleep. Goji berry is found in Asia and China and is known for balancing blood glucose and insulin levels. This allows you to sleep peacefully and comfortably.

Passion Flower

Passionflower is a well-known ingredient to the Native Americans as they have used it to treat various conditions like liver problems, wounds, etc. Passionflower has also been proven to calm the mind.

According to the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health, passionflower is excellent for treating sleep problems and anxiety. Apart from that, it helps in gut irregularities and supports favorable GABA levels in your body.

Other Ingredients

  • Melatonin
  • Ashwagandha
  • GABA

How to Use Sleep Guard Plus

Sleep Guard Plus is an easy-to-use formula taken thirty minutes before going to bed, and that has been proven to work effectively in eliminating insomnia. One bottle of the supplement contains 60 capsules, and you have been recommended to use two pills per day. The good news is that the formula does not cause any side effects whatsoever.

The formula can be used by anybody who wants to improve their sleep patterns. However, those patients with serious medical conditions are advised to seek advice from their physician before using the formula.

What Do Customers Say about Sleep Guard Plus?

Sleep Guard Plus aims to ensure all customers live a healthy lifestyle. The formula has worked for 230,000 people, which proves that Sleep Guard Plus is an effective formula. Many customers have reported increased energy levels, improved mood swings, better mental clarity, and reduced stress levels.

For example, Amanda Watts says that she was always exhausted and had trouble concentrating, but she could sleep for 8 hours straight after using Sleep Guard Plus. Peter Hoffman also says that he had difficulties sleeping, but after using this supplement, things improved. You should also try taking Sleep Guard Plus to eliminate insomnia and improve your gut health.

Sleep Guard Plus Pricing

Sleep Guard Plus is only sold on the official website and is currently offered at a considerable discount. The good news is that your investment is risk-free as you have been covered with a 90-day money-back guarantee. Here are all the packages you can select;

  • 30 Day Supply Pack – 1 bottle @ $69 + Small Shipping Fee
  • 90 Day Supply Pack – 3 bottles @ $59/ea Free US Shipping
  • 180 Day Supply Pack – 6 bottles @ $49/ea Free US Shipping

Contact the company by sending an email to:

  • Email: support@sleepguardplus.com

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