iGenics Reviews (Dr. Charles Williams) Breakthough Supplement for Blurry Vision?

Old age comes with a decline in health and complications. Poor eyesight is a common problem among the elderly. Eyesight problems like Glaucoma can start as early as 45. However, some eye problems are genetic, while environmental factors cause others. While these issues may have inconveniences like squinting when reading, they can also get serious and lead to fatal accidents due to blurry vision.

A common solution offered to those with such issues is contact lenses, glasses, and in some instances, surgeries like LASIK surgery. While these solutions help, they are not very reliable and are temporary. It also costs a fortune to replace eyeglasses and to fund eye surgeries.

What is iGenics?

iGenics offers a long-term solution that will improve your eyesight, protect your eyes, and keep them healthy. The optic nerve links your eyes to your brain and comprises many neurons, veins, and cells. New cells replace old dead cells through DNA replication to keep your eyes functioning well. CPE releases inflammatory cytokines that destroy these healthy cells, thus causing eye problems.

With its 12 natural super-ingredients, iGenics prevents CPE hence treating eye problems from the source. It uses a perfect blend of minerals, herbs, and vitamins to fight free radicals and reverse the damage. These natural ingredients have been tested and proven to boost vision in many studies. Since they are natural, the body quickly digests and absorbs them.

Benefits of iGenics

It consists of natural ingredients. iGenics features 12 organic ingredients that are crucial in restoring vision. Among these ingredients is Gingko, also known as ‘The Tree of Life.’ Ginkgo Biloba is not only a powerful vision booster, but it also contains antioxidants that combat macular degeneration in the elderly. Numerous studies back up this plant’s effectiveness in aiding good vision and its anti-inflammatory effects.

iGenics has 20mg of saffron, a valuable spice with powerful antioxidants that are very efficient in fighting AMD. It also contains 480mg of bilberry, restores clear vision, and 350mg of turmeric. Curcumin, found in turmeric, has been proven to prevent Glaucoma and aid in healthy vision

It goes through a thorough production process. Made in the USA, iGenics is certified by GMP and FDA approved. It is, therefore, guaranteed that this product is safe and non-toxic. Each batch takes about two months to produce. Much research goes into its production, and every ingredient is carefully measured and tested.

It has no side effects. With its safe, carefully selected natural ingredients, you don’t have to worry about experiencing any side effects. This eye supplement is entirely risk-free. Unlike many other eye products, iGenics features only components naturally present in your eye. For this reason, your body will easily break it down, absorb it and use it to keep your eyes healthy over time.

Does iGenix have Side Effects?

There have been no reported cases of side effects from users.

iGenics naturally restores damaged vision. Most eye treatments involve prescribing contacts and lenses. Unfortunately, such prescriptions support vision but do not treat the causes of eyesight problems. You will, therefore, stay dependent on glasses for clear vision and replace them every year. iGenics aids in fixing the root causes that lead to issues like Glaucoma. CPE (Chronic Proinflammatory Environment) is a significant cause of many eye problems as it interrupts DNA replication. Research shows that ingredients used in iGenics fight the causes of CPE. For example, a Journal of Optic Herbs study claims that Ginkgo Biloba combats oxidation and inflammation that results in CPE. It also slows the release of harmful free radicals and can fight oxidative stress caused by aging.

iGenics also reverses damages such as retina and optical nerve damage.

It improves vision clarity for longer. Treatments like LASIK have been successful in enhancing clarity, but only temporarily. Using iGenics ensures that you retain good vision for a longer time. Many other treatments offer temporary solutions. This eye supplement keeps your eyesight clear and healthy for years by stopping CPE. It helps glaucoma patients see clearly and reduces the need for glasses and contacts.

iGenics contains the essential vitamins Zeaxanthin and Luthein. These vitamins reduce blurriness, enhance clarity, and boost vision. They are the most effective nutrients for improving eyesight and are present in many eye supplements. iGenics has the proper doses of Lutein, AREDS-2, and Zeaxanthin to give the best results.

It offers eye protection. By eliminating CPE at the source, iGenics prevents further damage to your eyes. Its 12 super-nutrients will protect your nerves and cells and avoid eye-related problems. UV rays from the sun can be harmful, especially for those who do not wear sunglasses. Carotenoid, an ingredient in this eye supplement, protects the eyes from sunlight.

It contains no fillers.

Customer Reviews

We receive a lot of positive reviews every day from satisfied customers who report that their visions have greatly improved. Many of them noticed the improvement within the first week.

How To Buy iGenics

You no longer need to worry about replacing eyeglasses and losing your vision. Get your bottle today while stocks last and at a discounted price for the first 50 users. The bottles come in a 1-month, 3-month, and 6-month supply.

Contact ScienceGenics with additional questions or have inquiries about the refund process:


In conclusion, iGenics saves a fortune from eye surgeries and glasses, protects your eyes from damage, and keeps them healthy. It draws its powerful nutrients from nature and plants that have been used for centuries to boost eye clarity. If you experience any symptoms of vision decline, such as impaired night vision, blind spots, and blurred vision, you must get a bottle of iGenics by clicking here! >>>


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