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GlucoControl Reviews (PureLife Organics) Legit Supplement?

Gluco Control is a product from US-based PureLife Organics Company, which specializes in producing dietary supplements. Also, Dr. Evan Lewis is the creator of this blood sugar support enhancement. Dr. Evan claims he is a clinical researcher and has spent over a decade researching natural blood glucose solutions, nerve health, and cell regeneration.

Unhealthy blood glucose levels is a medical condition that is affecting billions of individuals around the globe. Unfortunately, even with technological advances, researchers cannot come up with a permanent cure for diabetes. As a result, specialists recommend changes in lifestyle and dietary routines to aid in keeping the glycemic index at optimal levels.

Currently, there are hundreds of nutritional regimens that claim to regulate blood sugar levels. Still, diabetic persons should stick to medical guidance to inhibit developing complications caused by high blood sugar.

A high blood glucose index can reduce your immunity and make it difficult to recover even from minor infections. Also, erratic sugars in your system can cause ocular, kidney, liver, and heart ailments. Therefore, medical experts recommend ensuring you keep your blood glucose levels at normal range.

Heredity, obesity, poor diet, stress, and hypertension are some causes of diabetes type 2. High blood sugar affects people of all ages, including newborn babies. According to research, insulin resistance seems to be predominant in individuals of African descent than any other race. Also, medical experts warn that childhood diabetes is on the rise, majorly due to changes in dietary patterns.

What is PureLife Gluco Control Formula?

As per the PureLife Gluco Control formula official website, Harvard University’s researchers have come up with a “10-second pre-meal ritual” that can help in stabilizing blood glucose levels. Additionally, this ten-second ritual has helped thousands of Americans to maintain a healthy glycemic range, improve metabolism, reduce cravings and enhance flexibility and mobility. Also, this pre-meal routine can help you become mindful of what you eat, ultimately controlling your calories intake per meal. Scientifically, mindful eating prevents overeating, obesity and regulates blood glucose levels.

PureLife advertises this formula as a blood sugar support solution. In addition, Gluco Control is purported to keep your system’s metabolism at optimal range, improve blood circulation, supercharge energy production and fortify your immune response. Also, this blood support supplement can help you fight carb cravings while allowing you to consume foods that you love.

How does Gluco Control Work?

PureLife Organics claims that this supplement is based on research findings from Harvard University. Additionally, each ingredient in Gluco Control is backed by science on its effectiveness in managing varying glucose levels. Also, this 10-second daily ritual is based on findings made in Sudan, where most of the population depends on traditional medical treatment.

According to Gluco Control manufacturer, the Sudanese consume a trace element (chromium) deficient in American diets and helps fight high blood glucose levels. Additionally, the Vietnamese consume high-carb dishes, yet most individuals are free from diabetes because they eat a nutrient (cinnamon) that prevents insulin resistance.

What are the ingredients in Gluco Control that support glycemic index?

1. Chromium

As per Dr. Lewis, chromium is abundant in most Sudanese recipes. According to a Harvard University analysis, out of 51529 men with high blood glucose, 46% had chromium deficiency. Chromium is crucial in improving blood circulation and regulating the hyperglycemic index. In addition, Dr. Lewis claims that chromium has helped his diabetic patient manage their condition where “no other regimen worked.”

2. Cinnamon

Cinnamon is scientifically proven to reduce carb cravings, ultimately reducing overeating and becoming overweight. Also, Dr. Lewis claims that cinnamon can condition your system to burn fat instead of carbs for energy production. Also, cinnamon users claim this ingredient helps them stay active throughout the day as it can naturally increase energy levels.

3. Vitamin D3 (Sunshine Vitamin)

PureLife Organics claims this ingredient can reduce the risk of developing diabetes type 2. In addition, vitamin D3 can stimulate the production and function of insulin when you have an elevated glycemic range.

4. Benfotiamine (Thiamin)

According to PureLife Organics, Benfotiamine is crucial in making all other ingredients in Gluco Control bioavailable. In addition, Dr. Lewis claims that thiamin is an immune booster and can help reduce insulin resistance.

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5. Acetyl-L-carnitine (ALC)

ALC is essential in relieving nerve-related pain in diabetic persons. In addition, ALC improves your system’s metabolic rates and aids in converting fat to glucose. As a result, obese individuals can use ALC to reduce fat deposits and aid in torching fats.

6. Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 is in charge of over 150 metabolic processes in your system. Thus, its deficiency can cause serious health problems. Stress is said to deplete Vitamin B6 levels. In addition, most mammals, including man, cannot synthesize vitamin B6 leading to poor metabolisms.

According to Gluco Control maker, vitamin B6 can inhibit insulin resistance and help in regulating blood sugar levels. Also, Vitamin B6 encourages the conversion of excess glucose to fat, thus stabilizing the glycemic index.

7. Vitamin B12

According to Dr. Evan Lewis’ research, 64% of diabetic patients showed Vitamin B12 deficiency. High glucose levels can cause nerve problems. Vitamin B12 is fundamental in improving nerve function, thus enabling proper coordination between the Central Nervous System (CNS) and other parts of the body. Today, the American Diabetes Association recommends that patients under medication have their vitamin B12 levels measured routinely.

Additionally, B12 can boost your immunity and fight infections and inflammation that can affect the nervous system. Similarly, Dr. Evan recommends that B12 can enhance recovery.

8. Choline

In the late 90S, the Institute of Medicine declared choline an indispensable nutrient. As per PureLife Organics’ official website, a case study where more than 2000 adults took choline indicated that this essential nutrient could improve your insulin and fasting glucose levels. Still, only a fraction of the American population gets adequate servings of choline.

Choline is crucial in boosting cognitive health by encouraging improved attention, focus, and clarity. Additionally, researchers claim that choline can enhance the nervous system and stimulate healthy impulses. Also, daily intake of choline can improve your metabolism, thus generating energy that allows your cells to function better. In addition, better energy levels can help reduce hyperglycemia-related fatigue, thus enabling you to stay active for extended periods.

9. Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA)

The ability of ALA to fight free radicals was discovered in the early 80s. Since then, scientists have marked this ingredient (ALA) as a powerful antioxidant that can relieve oxidative stress and inhibit the accumulation of metabolic wastes.

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How to consume PureLife Organics Gluco Control supplement

According to PureLife Organics, users should consume two Gluco Control capsules twice daily before meals. For effective results, users should take Gluco Control at least 20 minutes before breakfast and dinner. Also, consumers must ensure they ingest these blood sugar support capsules with enough warm or cold water. However, PureLife Organics recommends seeking medical advice before taking these supplements.

Gluco Control Supplements Features

  • Each ingredient in Gluco Control is organic and safe
  • PureLife Organics assures consumers that this blood sugar formula has zero artificial flavors, additives, colors, and toxins.
  • All ingredients are scientifically verified to enhance a better glycemic index.
  • Gluco Control claims that a portion of their sales is channeled to tree-planting activities.
  • A 60-days money-back guarantee protects users.
  • Users can choose any PureLife Organics supplements if Gluco Control doesn’t work for them.

Where to buy PureLife Organics Gluco Control Supplements

Gluco Control is available exclusively on their official website. Dr. Lewis Evan warns against buying this blood sugar support supplement from other sources as you risk buying counterfeits and having your personal and bank details hacked. In addition, free shipping services are available when you buy more than three bottles.

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The 28-Day Metabolic Reset- this program provides you with simple exercises you can perform at home and significantly aid in controlling blood glucose levels. All the training in this program can be done anywhere and will not require you to invest in any gym equipment. Also, the 28-Day Metabolic Reset involves only 21 minutes daily and uses bodyweight workouts.

The “Clean Sleep Cleanse Guide”- Detoxification is a universal method of boosting cellular health. When your cells are in great shape, there is zero room for toxins, making it easy to control blood glucose levels. However, your body naturally detoxifies when you are asleep. Detoxification can make your Gluco-switch more effective. The “Clean Sleep Cleanse Guide” can improve your sleep quality, making it easy for your system to eliminate toxins.

21 Days of free direct access to Dr. Evan’s Online Coaching Program- According to Evan, a powerful team of professional coaches can help you fight high glucose levels. The “free” access allows you to receive comprehensive and educational emails to improve your life’s quality. Also, Dr. Evan adds you to a closed Facebook group that will enable you to interact with other individuals. In addition, these group interactions motivate you to fight erratic glucose levels using Gluco Control supplements.

Final Thoughts

A high glycemic index is a dangerous condition. Gluco Control from PureLife Organics, which claims to combat high blood sugar levels naturally. In addition, the manufacturer claims all the nine critical ingredients in this formula are scientifically proven to enhance normal glucose levels.

Also, the maker claims that each Gluco Control capsule is made in an FDA-certified facility and meets all the sterile and quality requirements under American laws. However, consumers should know that Gluco Control may not work for everyone and should be taken under medical guidance.

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