Gluco Type 2 Review (Phytage Labs) Work or Real Scam Risks?

Diabetes is a medical condition that affects one in every five Americans. Millions succumb to diabetes-related complications globally. Also, only a fraction of Americans can consume healthy diets. The increasing number of diabetic patients results from poor dietary habits, sedentary lifestyles, stress, excessive alcoholism, and other factors. Due to the financial crisis, more Americans spend up to 16 hours working. Also, lack of adequate time makes it easy to consume fast foods which unfortunately have low nutritional values. Additionally, a lack of adequate hours to relax and exercise puts you at risk of weight gain. Obesity contributes to insulin resistance and hence diabetes type 2.

Diabetes can impact vital organs in your systems like the heart, kidneys, liver, and nerves, thus reducing your quality of life. Unfortunately, there are currently zero medications that can treat diabetes. Once you develop diabetes, you have to maintain healthy blood glucose levels through diet and specific medication for the rest of your life. The good news is that when you learn what causes elevated blood sugar in your system, you can improve your life’s quality. Numerous supplements in the market claim to support healthy blood glucose levels. Still, diabetic individuals need to make particular lifestyle and dietary habits to keep blood sugar levels at optimum levels.

What is Gluco Type 2 Dietary Supplement?

Individuals with diabetes type 2 depend on oral or injectable insulin, metformin, and other medicines to keep their blood glucose levels optimum. However, most blood glucose support supplements may cause other ill-health issues over time. To prevent fatal conditions such as ketoacidosis or hyperglycemic coma, people with diabetes constantly check their hypoglycemic index. In addition, individuals with severe diabetes have to follow a restrictive diet to keep their blood sugar at ideal levels.

Michael Bradford is the developer of the Phytage Labs Gluco Type 2 Dietary formula. According to Michael, Gluco Type 2 is a natural and effective solution to erratic blood sugar. Additionally, the creator of this blood sugar support formula asserts that consuming this product regularly can rejuvenate your life and eventually wean you off diabetes medication.

What is the history behind Gluco Type 2 Formula?

As per the official Gluco Type 2 website, Bradford explains how his wife Angie battled diabetes all her life. Angie’s blood glucose elevated during a trip to the Philippines, putting her into a diabetic coma. Angie’s doctors were concerned about her health and suggested a foot amputation to increase her blood flow.

A friend of Bradford told him of using herbal medicine to treat diabetes. A trip to the Philippines Mountains brought Bradford to a traditional healer who used a blend of herbs to treat Angie. According to Michael Bradford, the herbal medication normalized Angie’s blood glucose and pressure. Similarly, the herbal formula helped her to lose weight and fortified her immunity.

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After Angie recovered, Bradford resolved to have the nine ingredients used by the ancient healer made into a supplement that can help diabetic individuals. Additionally, most of the ingredients are supported by clinical and medical studies to aid in treating diabetes.

What are the critical ingredients in Gluco Type 2 Blood Sugar Support?

Consumers are recommended to take a dose of one capsule of Gluco Type 2 once a day with a meal. The ingredients included to support improved blood sugar levels are:

1. Banaba

TreeBanaba is a herbal plant that mainly thrives in tropical forests in Southeast Asia. According to traditional healers, Banaba contains compounds that can lower blood glucose, hence treating diabetes. Other uses of the Banaba tree include:

Banaba is rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatories, which fortify your immunity and protect your body from chronic infections.

Banaba trees can increase blood flow and reduce harmful cholesterol levels. As a result, users can enjoy better cardiac health and reduce the risk of developing cardiovascular ailments such as heart attack, angina, high blood pressure, and stroke.

The components in the Banaba tree can increase cellular metabolism. Subsequently, users can have elevated energy levels enabling them to stay active for extended periods. Similarly, better metabolism supports weight loss as your body actively converts fat into glucose instead of carbs.

The use of the Banaba tree can protect your internal organs such as kidneys from oxidative damage.

2. Bitter Melon

Bitter melon is an exotic Southeast Asia plant with a bitter taste. Bitter melon is rich in essential oils, fat, folic and pantothenic acids, vitamin C, manganese, calcium, and phosphorus. However, there are numerous benefits of consuming this ingredient. According to the Gluco Type 2 developer, bitter melon reduces insulin resistance and manages erratic blood glucose levels. Additionally, bitter melon can regulate blood pressure, thus enhancing cardiac health.

3. Licorice Root

For many centuries, licorice root has been used to treat various mental issues such as anxiety and depression. Additionally, licorice can enhance your moods and improve your sleep quality, thus preventing insulin resistance. According to Michael Bradford, licorice root can relieve diabetes symptoms, inhibit atherosclerosis and normalize blood cholesterol levels.

Gluco Type 2 contains Cinnamon, Gymnema, Guggul, Vanadium, Cayenne, Juniper, and Mulberry, vitamins C and E, zinc, magnesium, biotin, chromium, and manganese.

How to consume Gluco Type 2 supplements

As per the official Gluco Type 2 page, this formula comes in capsules that are easy to swallow, odorless. PhytAge Labs recommends taking one capsule daily with a meal and glass of water. Depending on the severity of your diabetes, it is recommended to consume Gluco Type 2 capsules regularly for up to three months.

However, Bradford claims that some folks might notice changes 1-2 weeks after taking Gluco Type 2 capsules. Additionally, Michael Bradford claims that Gluco Type 2 provides you with stable and long-lasting effects, unlike pharmaceutical blood sugar support medication.

How can Gluco Type 2 Formula improve your health?

Gluco Type 2 manufacturer claims that it contains potent ingredients that can normalize erratic blood glucose levels. Bradford asserts that consuming Gluco Type 2 supplements can reduce dependence on blood sugar support pharmaceutical medication. Additionally, PhytAge Labs claims that regular use can address diabetes from within naturally and offer you a permanent solution to high glucose levels.

Gluco Type 2 maker claims that the ingredients in this formula are organic, safe, and effective in boosting your immunity. Some of the ingredients in Gluco Type 2 fight chronic infections and inflammations.

Gluco Type 2 supports natural body metabolism, which increases your energy levels and supports healthy weight loss.

Regular consumption of Gluco Type 2 medication is said to help ease neuropathy pain. Similarly, Michael claims that this glucose support supplement can improve nerve function for overall well being.

Gluco Type 2 can reduce unhealthy cholesterol levels and normalize blood pressure. Additionally, this herbal formula can improve blood flow and encourage the absorption of nutrients in the cells.

Are there side effects from consuming Gluco Type 2 supplements?

If you are allergic to any herbal extract, Gluco Type 2 manufacturer recommends consulting your physician before taking these supplements. However, Michael claims that Gluco Type 2 formula is entirely safe and contains zero dairy, soy, or gluten ingredients. However, should Gluco Type 2 cause you to have adverse reactions, the manufacturer recommends stopping the medication immediately and seeking medical attention.

Gluco Type 2 is a product for adults above 18 years. However, PhytAge Labs directs that pregnant and nursing women should not take Gluco Type 2 supplements. Additionally, Gluco Type 2 capsules are not recommended if you are under any other medication. PhytAge Labs recommends consulting your health provider if you have any doubts about the dosage.

Where to buy PhytAge Lab Gluco Type 2 supplements

You can purchase your genuine Gluco Type 2 capsules on the official website. PhytAge Labs warns against buying supplements from other sites as you risk sharing your personal and bank details with fraudulent people. Similarly, there is a risk of getting counterfeit Gluco Type 2 capsules. Purchase Gluco Type 2 at the following prices:

  • One Bottle $69.95 Each
  • Two Bottles $59.95 Each
  • Four Bottles $49.95 Each

Contact Phytage Labs for questions on Gluco Type 2 at:

  • Support Number: 1-800-822-5753
  • Support Email: wecare@phytagesupport.com
  • Returns Address: PhytAge Laboratories 37 Inverness Drive East, Suite 100 Englewood, CO 80112


Regardless of age, everyone is at risk of developing diabetes. Therefore, it is crucial to look out for early signs of diabetes like frequent thirst, fatigue, and poor vision. Gluco Type 2 supplement manufacturer assures consumers that this product can reduce insulin resistance and see them recover from erratic blood sugars.

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