Crop King Seeds Review 2022 – Why It is the Best Canadian Seed Bank?

Crop King Seed Bank has been one of the most popular marijuana seed banks since 2005. They have been at the forefront when it comes to getting the greatest strains on people. Crop King has also been selling marijuana seeds in over 100 physical outlets across Canada. Crop Kings’ experts handpick each strain for sale on the website.

You may feel confident that each seed is individually tested for quality and inspected before being shipped. This strategy has garnered the online seed bank a lot of accolades.

There may be various seedbanks from which to choose, but it’s critical to select the most dependable – look for someone who only gives potent seeds; why settle for anything less? Take a look at this Crop King Seeds review that will help you determine whether or not this seed bank is right for you.

Official Website: https://www.cropkingseeds.com/

Crop King Seeds’ History:

Crop King Seeds started tiny, but because of the country’s severe marijuana restrictions, they had to close down in 2005. Under such laws, it was difficult for the company to survive, and it eventually shut down. Crop King Seeds is a Canada-based seed bank curating cannabis seeds for over a decade.

Crop King Seeds first opened its doors in 2005. They were able to reopen in 2012, and in just seven years, they were able to climb their way to success, becoming one of the leading seed banks in the marijuana industry, all thanks to their passion for being the best.

Crop King Seeds caters to both novice and advanced growers, offering everything from classic cultivars to cutting-edge hybrids. To ensure that all seeds are mature and viable, they are inspected, tested, and handpicked. The purpose of Crop King Seeds is to find the highest-yielding marijuana plants from all around the world.

Crop King Seeds and quality go hand in hand because of their links with the best breeders on the planet. They have been concerned with the genetic quality of the strains since the beginning of the company. They collaborate with the world’s greatest breeders. They show their marijuana seeds on most occasions, indicating that they are serious about this business. The Canadian Cannabis Awards 2017 presented the company with the Best Seed Company award. Many of the strains of this online business are all their own.

Crop King Seeds’ Goals:

Crop King Seeds, like every other business in the marketplace, set goals and objectives for the years ahead. The firm has long prided itself on producing strains of the highest quality that are virtually perfect. Their goal is to maintain this going for the next few years and to keep their clients happy throughout the process.

This company’s website claims unequivocally that they intend to maintain high quality while also working to develop their strains. However, they concede that they’re still in the early stages of development and that there’s always space for improvement in cannabis genetics.

What makes Crop King Seeds the best choice?

Crop King Seeds (CKS) is a medical marijuana seed company that offers a variety of strains, including Sativa, hybrids, indica, and CBD plants with a high THC content. Not only are their goods excellent, but their packaging is also cutting-edge, and their rates are extremely competitive.

Crop King Seeds has been regarded as one of the top marijuana seed providers on the internet since 2019, and the company has an unrivaled reputation in the cannabis industry. They’ve done so by keeping their clients happy to the very end and ensuring that their job doesn’t finish when the seeds are delivered.

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Features of Crop King Seeds

Following are the amazing features of Crop King Seeds:

  • Crop King seeds have a high CBD content, making them ideal for medicinal cannabis users.
  • Crop Seed offers a germination rate of up to 80% for its customers. It provides several options for clients to pick from, including feminized and auto-flowering seed varieties.
  • Crop Seed is constantly working to improve the quality of its seeds by carefully selecting genetics.
  • Crop King’s staff comprises well-known experts who have worked in the cannabis sector for a long time.
  • Customers can choose from various payment methods, making it easier for them to buy what they want. The products are available for purchase online or at numerous locations around Canada.
  • They have a customer service team that is competent and responsive.

What seeds are available on Crop King Seed?

Crop King Seeds offers feminized cannabis seeds (for those who want a flower that matures faster). It also has auto-flowering cannabis seeds (for those who don’t want to fuss with light cycles to get their plants to bloom and nourish, resulting in more harvest chances from a single growing season). Crop King’s 200 locations across Canada and their online store carry some of the most potent seeds available. Here are some of the following strains available on Crop King Seed:

  • White Cookies
  • Crop King Seeds Strains THC Chart
  • Crown Royale
  • Purple Kush
  • Feminized Mix Pack (Best Value)
  • Crop King Seeds Strains CBD Chart
  • Dark Angel
  • Candy Cane
  • Autoflower Feminized Mix Pack (Best Value)

What are the top sellers of Crop King Seeds?

Following are the top sellers of Crop King Seeds

  • Amnesia Haze (Auto)
  • Cali OG Kush Haze
  • Original Skunk
  • Hash Plant
  • Black Indica
  • CB Diesel (CBD)
  • CB Autoflower Cheese (CBD)
  • Sour Jack
  • Sour Girl (Auto)
  • Blueberry

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Quality of Crop King Seeds’ cannabis strains

The quality of crop King Seeds strains is slightly more than those of competitors on the market. However, buying from them is still in your best interests. This is because every strain sold by this company is hand-picked by professionals, and these experts only select the best of the best.

Before being certified for sale, every seed is first tested for quality and then scrutinized for any other concerns. Crop King Seeds guarantees that no customer will be dissatisfied by a cannabis strain purchased from them because of their professional quality assurance team. This company’s quality will continue to be unrivaled in the marketplace.

Do all of the cannabis seeds germinate on Crop King Seed?

They’re all doing it. Crop King Seeds’ testing process is extremely thorough and meticulous to ensure that the seeds delivered to clients are free of defects. Crop King Seeds also offers a germination guarantee, so if your seeds still don’t germinate after doing everything right, you can always call them and ask for assistance. If you like, the reps can either provide you with more information about using the seeds or give you a full refund.

How much does Crop King Seeds cost for cannabis?

Following are the prices for feminized, high-CBD, and auto-flower seeds on Crop Kind Seeds:

  1. $55 for a 5-pack
  2. $120 for a ten-pack
  3. The cost of a 25-pack is $240.

The following are pricing for ordinary seeds on Crop Kind Seeds:

  1. $55 for a 5-pack
  2. $70 for a ten-pack
  3. $140 for a 25-pack

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What are the delivery and shipment charges?

For domestic deliveries, the seeds are sealed in random objects like pens, flashlights, or birthday cards; for overseas delivery, the seeds are sealed in stealth packaging with the seeds enclosed in random objects like pens, flashlights, or birthday cards.

  • Orders of $200 or more are eligible for free delivery; otherwise, the company charges $20-$40 for expedited, insured, and guaranteed delivery.
  • Express goods come in 2 to 7 days.

How to use a Crop King Seeds coupon?

To use a Crop King Seeds coupon, go to the top of the website and click “get coupon” for whatever current discount you see there. Once you’ve copied the code, you’ll be sent to a new window where you may shop for Crop King Seeds coupons.

After you’ve chosen your purchases, head to your cart and look for the “coupon code” box, which is shown below. You must first select a product from their website to use one of these discount codes. Enter our coupon code, hit apply, and your savings will appear right away!

How to contact Crop King Seeds?

Crop King Seeds is available to answer any questions, sales enquiries, or concerns you may have. They offer phone, email, and live chat customer care. They also provide a contact form and a live chat function on their website, which are both excellent ways to seek help and find answers to your queries.

Is Crop King Seeds a legitimate company?

The fact that the internet and online market is full of scammers is one of the reasons why so many people ask about this topic. So many people have been in circumstances where they have paid in full for a thing but have yet to receive it or have received a product they did not desire!

Since purchasing cannabis is already a risky business, it’s understandable if consumers begin to have reservations about the companies who sell it. When it comes to Crop King Seeds, though, you don’t have to be concerned. The business is as genuine as it gets!


  1. Are Crop King Seeds available in the United States?

Crop King Seeds does ship to the United States and the rest of the world. However, before ordering cannabis seeds, make sure to check your local laws.

  1. Crop King gets their seeds from where?

Crop King Seeds is entirely committed to offering high-quality products to its customers. Crop King Seeds has self-cultivated more than 30 strains specifically for them. The company promises germination and will replace any seeds that do not germinate at no cost to the customer, indicating their commitment to quality.

  1. Will marijuana seeds be seized at the border?

Cannabis seed orders have a small probability of being intercepted at the border; thus, we recommend employing stealth delivery to avoid this. This may come at an expensive cost, but most customers believe it is well worth it.

  1. How do Crop King Seeds get their cannabis seeds to germinate?

To germinate cannabis seeds, Crop King Seeds uses the cup of water method and the moist paper towel method.


Crop King Seeds is a well-known seed bank in the marijuana market for various reasons. Their website is exceptionally user-friendly and accessible. It’s also highly user-friendly and devoid of jargon, making ordering a breeze if you utilize their website. Every order comes with a promise of delivery and the expectation of discretion.

Crop King Seeds ships worldwide and accepts a variety of payment ways to do so. Their payment methods, including bitcoin, are likewise incredibly secure; consumer privacy is a top focus. They provide excellent customer service and guarantee an 80% germination rate and the highest strain quality. The strains are potent, and the company offers a wide selection!

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