Crazy Nutrition Mass Gainer Review: Quality Ingredients That Work?

A skinny look may not be the most attractive. Most bodybuilders and people looking to stay in shape need and want muscles and less fat mass. However, to achieve a muscular physique, most people follow strict diets and exercise regimens to ensure the muscular mass remains. Some bodybuilders, athletics, and celebrities depend on personal trainers to help them preserve their well-built figures.

Therefore, many people under budget use extreme means such as consuming steroids to keep the muscles intact. Crazy Nutrition is the maker of several bodybuilding supplements, including the new Mass Gainer formula. The formula is advertised for people that need to bulk up and gain muscles. Is the formulation safe? What are its ingredients?

What is Crazy Nutrition Mass Gainer Formula?

Crazy Nutrition Mass Gainer is a daily formula comprising bodybuilding foods. The supplement is ideal for maintaining muscle mass while losing fat. Mass Gainer is entirely organic, safe, and consists of proven ingredients. Crazy Nutrition states that they have added zero GMOs, fillers, and maltodextrin to ensure you gain muscles effectively. Additionally, you can consume Mass Gainer as a food replacement, mainly if you follow a specific diet plan.

Mass Gainer is made in a US-based GMP and FDA-approved facility and has a reputation for producing quality bodybuilding formulations. Most bodybuilding supplements have serious side effects like stomach cramps and bloating. However, Mass Gainer from Crazy Nutrition is rich in DigeZyme that protects your gastrointestinal tract from discomforts. Likewise, the formula is easy to consume and comes in vanilla and chocolate.

Why Orthodox Bodybuilding Plans Fail

  • Consuming specific muscle-building foods is hectic and requires you to manually count the number of calories you get from each food group.
  • Some diet plans are only ideal for people with enough time to make healthy meals.
  • It is expensive to buy and cook the right food.
  • Some food types cause allergic reactions, for example, allergies to dairy, chicken, and beans.

Crazy Nutrition claims they have teamed with professionals from across the globe to provide you with a gains formula that is effective and comprises science-proven ingredients only. Numerous muscle gain supplements contain unnecessary constituents like maltodextrin that causes severe side effects. Carb-fillers cause hormonal imbalance, spike glycemic blood index, alter gut bacteria health, and cause bloating. Similarly, Crazy Nutrition is adamant that all components in Mass Gainer are in clinical dosages to ensure you provide your system with the required nourishment. The Mass Gainer nutrients seek to build, repair, and grow muscles with zero side effects.

How Does Crazy Nutrition’s Mass Gainers Formula Work?

Crazy Nutrition states they use ingredients from whole-food sources, including oat flour, sweet flour, pea starch, and flaxseed powder. All the ingredients are equally free from gluten and are designed to be gut-friendly. Furthermore, Mass Gainer transcends similar products by providing users with 2:1 carbs to protein ratio. This implies that for every 100g of carbs you take, you also consume 50g of protein, making it a more potent bodybuilding supplement than competing products in the market.

Similarly, Mass Gainer comprises original and state-of-the-art ingredients that improve absorption and digestion rates. Consequently, your system can utilize more of the formula’s constituents instead of excreting it. Crazy Nutrition makes bold claims such as if you do not gain extra muscle mass within 14 days, you can ask for a refund.

Key Mass Gainer Features

All ingredients are from whole food sources, including oat, flaxseeds, and sweet potatoes. As a result, you can flood your system with solid foods that stay in your system for extended periods. The whole-food ingredients alleviate hunger pangs and keep you full for extended periods.

  • Mass Gainer has zero fillers, binders, maltodextrin, and other crap ingredients that may cause side effects with long-term use.
  • It comprises zero stimulants that may affect your metabolism and cognitive health.
  • Mass Gainers comes in delicious vanilla and chocolate flavors and easily mixes with hot and cold drinks.

Each Mass Gainer tub comprises DigeZyme, which aids in digestion and prevents cramping and bloating. In addition, the ingredient protects gut health.

  • Mass Gainer is available on the official Crazy Nutrition website without a prescription.
  • It comprises Carb10 proprietary formula to maintain the glycemic indexes at optimal ranges.
  • Each Mass Gainer tub comes with a 60-days money-back guarantee.
  • Mass Gainer is an excellent fast meal replacement that provides you with sufficient calories and satisfies your sweet cravings.

Benefits of Crazy Nutrition’s Mass gainer

Increased Gains – Crazy Nutrition claims that each serving of Mass Gainer provides your system with about 672 calories and 50g of protein to help you add muscle mass. The formulator recommends combining the daily supplement with a regular exercise routine to increase your muscle mass in less than 14 days.

Fast Meal Replacement – You must use premium quality protein to create muscles. The superior quality amino acids support the regeneration of new muscle cells leading to more gains. Mass Gainer contains a particular type of protein (SENACTIV) to accelerate muscle recovery.

Adequate Energy – Most stimulants provide your system with temporary energy, which causes you to feel jitteriness and fatigued after wearing off. However, Mass Gainer can supposedly supply your body with adequate energy levels to help you stay focused and improve your performance for extended periods. Similarly, the Mass Gainer improves your energy levels without causing a spike in the glycemic index.

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Mass Gainer Ingredients


1. Oat Flour

Multiple sources indicate that gluten-free oat flour is a complex carb providing your system with adequate energy for extended periods. Oat flour acts as a natural appetite suppressant, thus enabling you to feel satiated for extended periods. Similarly, oat flour is crucial in boosting the digestion and absorption processes and protects the gut Bacteria against invasion by an unhealthy microbiome. Also, oat flour supports a healthy glycemic index.

2. CARB10

CARB10 is a patented form of pea starch. Research indicates that CARB10 is essential in boosting digestion and providing your body with complex carbs without causing unhealthy blood sugar ranges. Clinical trials show that CARB10 users showed 87 percent lower insulin responses than maltodextrin.

3. Whey Protein Blend

The whey protein blend combines the isolate and concentrated forms of whey to ensure you gain muscles effectively. Similarly, the combination provides your body with adequate amino acids to synthesize strengths.

4. Sweet Potato Flour

Sweet Potato is a rich source of minerals and vitamins that boost muscle growth. Sweet potato flour has natural sugars that keep your glycemic index at optimal levels. Similarly, the constituent keeps you satiated for extended periods and can hinder sweet cravings.

5. Creatine Monohydrate

It supports the creation of phosphocreatine that speeds up muscle growth and enhances energy levels. In addition, creatine monohydrate supports better performance and strength. Also, it aids in muscle recovery, making it easy to grow muscles.

6. Flaxseeds

Flaxseeds are rich in omega-3 and soluble fibers, which improve heart health digestion and fight against spiking blood glucose.

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How to Use Crazy Nutrition’s, Mass Gainer

Anyone can use Mass Gainer except people under medication, pregnant, and nursing. You can take it 45 minutes before exercising to give you the energy and power you need to improve your performance. Crazy Nutrition recommends mixing six scoops of the formula with 15-20 oz of water or a smoothie.

Crazy Nutrition Mass Gainer Pricing

Mass Gainer from Crazy Nutrition is available via the official website. The creator recommends purchasing from authorized sellers only. However, buying directly from Crazy Nutrition helps you make savings on multi-buys and free shipping on all orders above 50 dollars. Prices are as follows:

  • One Container Mass Gainer $34.99 Each + $7.95 Shipping Fee
  • Two Containers Mass Gainer $62.99 + Free Shipping
  • Three Containers Mass Gainer $83.99 + Free Shipping

Crazy Nutrition offers a 60-day money-back guarantee. Customers can reach out to Crazy Nutrition by phone or by sending an email to one of the following ways:

  • https://crazynutrition.com/pages/contact-us
  • +1 (646) 568 5162


Mass Gainer is a dietary formula rich in nutrients that ensure you gain muscles with zero sugar crashes or stomach hassles. It comprises science-proven proprietary ingredients from whole-food sources to fight against issues that may reduce muscle growth, such as cravings and lack of nutrients. Mass Gainer comes in two flavors (vanilla and chocolate) and easily mixes with hot and cold beverages.

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