Best Forskolin Pills – Top Forskolin Weight Loss Supplements

Forskolin is widely used as an active ingredient in weight loss products. This natural compound is believed to have significant health benefits that range from weight loss and muscle formation to enhanced blood flow and many others. In addition, forskolin was widely used in traditional herbal therapy to treat several diseases and conditions. Modern research has also established that most of the health benefits of forskolin might be true.

The Top Forskolin Supplements in 2021

Listed below are a few of the leading forskolin supplements available on the market today.

  • TurmaSlim
  • Pure Forskolin 250
  • Burn Lab Pro
  • Natural Stacks Neuro Fuel
  • RemBalance
  • Pro Burn X
  • Underground Fat Burner
  • Transparent Labs Thermogenic Fat Burner
  • aSquared Nutrition Forskolin
  • DACHA Forskolin
  • Vitamin Bounty Max Strength Forskolin
  • Forskolin Extract



HealthyGen TurmaSlim combines substantial doses of forskolin, turmeric, and Bioperine to support healthy inflammation and weight loss across your body. This $30 supplement is marketed as a quick-acting fat-burning product that can improve your energy and metabolism while improving your immune function and other health benefits. The supplement features 1,400mg of turmeric powder and 250mg forskolin in every three pill serving.

Pure Forskolin 250


The fittingly named Pure Forskolin 250 offers a sizable amount of forskolin in every capsule. This supplement delivers 250g of pure forskolin in every two pills. This product works by enhancing metabolism, burning fat, and increasing your fat-burning capacity, all of which make it ideal for faster weight loss outcomes. In addition to helping people lose weight naturally and safely, this supplement can also help you to build lean muscles.

Burn Lab Pro


A considerable worry when losing weight is the loss of muscle growth as well. Burn Lab Pro claims that their forskolin supplement can deliver better weight loss outcomes and ensure that you become leaner and more muscular. Unlike other products on this list, this supplement contains significantly larger doses of the active ingredients with 375mg forskolin in each serving. Generally, if you want to shed lots of unhealthy fat while still maintaining your lean muscle development, then you should consider this $59 supplement.

Natural Stacks Neuro Fuel


Neuro Fuel from Natural Stacks is a popular forskolin supplement that can boost your memory, concentration, and overall mental health. This $30 product can improve your cAMP levels across your body. The Natural Stacks brand focuses on using natural ingredients, comprehensive lab testing, and transparent formulas. They are also keen on creating nootropics and brain-supporting products. Even though forskolin is widely used for weight loss, several studies have concluded that it may enhance blood circulation into the brain. Neuro Fuel uses the CILTEP stack, a compilation of powerful natural ingredients like artichoke, vitamin B6, acetyl L-carnitine, forskolin, and L-phenylalanine that improve cognitive health.



The $49 RemBalance from Golden After 50 is mainly marketed towards seniors looking to manage their weight and improve their sleep quality. That is because this product works as proven metabolic support and sleep aid. It uses plant extracts and relaxing herbs like valerian, passionflower, melatonin, and chamomile to increase sleep quality. In addition, RemBalance uses the forskolin to boost your metabolism, which enables you to lose weight rapidly.

Pro Burn X


Pro Burn X from Fighters Core is a $48 weight loss supplement that efficiently burns stubborn fat within a month without causing adverse side effects. Daily consumption of this product allows you to enjoy significant fat-burning results in an effective and safe formula. All the ingredients used in Pro Burn X have been tested and found to increase your fat breakdown and reduce your overall body fat percentage. Key elements used here include forskolin, green tea, cayenne pepper, and other potent weight loss compounds. In addition, the manufacturer also includes a free informative guidebook that can help you get faster weight loss outcomes.

Underground Fat Burner


The $50 Underground Fat Burner is a unique supplement that uses scientifically tested natural compounds to enhance weight loss outcomes. It can supposedly improve metabolism, curb appetite and even elevate your mood. Every serving comes with forskolin, L-carnitine, garcinia cambogia, Fibersol, and caffeine. This powdered supplement is relatively easy to use as you only need to add it to a shake or water daily.

Transparent Labs Thermogenic Fat Burner


The Thermogenic Fat Burner from Transparent Labs features potent ingredients that guarantee fast and safe weight loss outcomes. Some of the powerful ingredients used here include forskolin, green tea, 5-HTP, L-tyrosine, and many others. The manufacturer has mixed forskolin with other potent weight loss compounds like cayenne pepper and caffeine to create the best fat-burning product. Daily consumption of this fat-burning supplement will supposedly block your hunger cravings, increase your metabolism and deliver much better weight loss outcomes. This $49 supplement is worth considering if you wish to support your fat burning and weight loss effects in an easy, effective and quick way.

Top Forskolin Supplements on Amazon

aSquared Nutrition Forskolin


Backed by more than 1,000 positive reviews, the $29.95 Forskolin from aSquared Nutrition is a remarkable product that can offer numerous health benefits. It can support a healthy metabolism, better appetite regulation, and also improve your weight management. The manufacturer has only included 500mg forskolin per serving, which is sufficient for most weight loss needs.

DACHA Forskolin


The $16 DACHA Forskolin supplement is primarily geared towards people using the famous keto diet. This product is unlike other supplements shown here since it uses high doses of forskolin with 500mg per serving. Although this supplement may not be a quick shortcut to getting fantastic weight loss outcomes, it could allow you to accelerate your results.

Vitamin Bounty Max Strength Forskolin


Vitamin Bounty Maximum Strength Forskolin formula represents an affordable and high-dose dietary supplement that contains natural compounds and no other filler ingredients. Vitamin Bounty claims that its unique formula can enhance serotonin levels and rejuvenate your metabolism as well. In addition, the product comes in a stylish bottle, and it is priced below $20, which makes it easily affordable.

Forskolin Extract


Forskolin Extract by Wellness Tree is a positively rated and popular forskolin product on Amazon for less than $25. This high dosage forskolin supplement features 3,000mg per serving, significantly more significant than similar products. The supplement works as a carbohydrate blocker, fat burner, metabolism booster, and appetite suppressant.

How to Choose the top Forskolin Supplements?

All forskolin products claim to assist users in losing weight thanks to high-strength forskolin dosage and other beneficial compounds. Below are a few ways to separate the top forskolin products from the average supplements:

Forskolin Dosage

The most critical consideration when choosing forskolin supplements is the specific forskolin dosage. Most studies related to forskolin used an average dose of between 250mg and 600mg daily. Hence, you should ensure that the forskolin product you want to use contains a similar high dosage of forskolin.

Brand Reputation

Some forskolin brands are reputable, honest, and have proven experience in creating high-quality, science-backed formulas. However, other manufacturers only make fake products and should be avoided.

Forskolin Concentration

The forskolin concentration is another vital consideration when analyzing various products. Most forskolin products have an average forskolin concentration of between 10% and 20%, while others claim to have high concentrations of around 95%.

Value and Price

The prices of forskolin products vary depending on the manufacturer and various other factors. However, the best forskolin products are usually available at an affordable rate.

Refund Policy

Most forskolin brands offer robust refund policies to ensure that unhappy clients can always get a refund if they want. The length of the money-back guarantee period usually varies from 30 days to 60 days.

Scientific-backed Products

Many dietary supplement firms don’t invest in extensive clinical trials since they take too much time and are costly. Nevertheless, it is best to buy a product with scientific reference pages to check peer-reviewed scientific research.


Usability is another vital issue when evaluating different forskolin products. Most people prefer dietary supplements that are easy to use every day. Some people prefer taking forskolin tablets every day, while others prefer using it in powder form.

Honest Benefits

Forskolin should not be considered as a shortcut or instant solution to fat burning and weight loss. It is impossible to continue living an unhealthy lifestyle and still get great results after taking forskolin. Hence, you should avoid products with exaggerated and dishonest claims.

Complementary Ingredients

Forskolin supplements typically contain additional ingredients that can improve the beneficial properties of forskolin. Some popular complementary components include caffeine and green tea. Other forskolin products focus entirely on forskolin.

Ingredient Sourcing

Ingredient sourcing and manufacturing location are also essential to consider when reviewing forskolin products. Some manufacturers use organic production processes to ensure pure and high-quality forskolin supplements.

Who Should Use Forskolin?

  • Anyone who wishes to burn fat and lose weight
  • People interested in building lean muscles
  • Someone who wants to eliminate fat without losing their muscle growth
  • People trying to overcome plateaus in their weight loss
  • Anyone interested in a boost when eliminating stubborn abdominal fat

How Forskolin Works

Forskolin stimulates the AC-III enzyme that facilitates the communication between different cells, which is vital in various processes like muscle development and weight loss. The other way forskolin works is to promote the elimination of fat from the fat cells in your body. It ensures that your body always burns fat when it requires more energy. Hence, Forskolin intake can significantly enhance your body’s ability to eliminate fat.

Side Effects of Using Forskolin

Healthy adults can consume forskolin without experiencing any adverse reactions. Nevertheless, some users have reported the following mild adverse reactions after taking forskolin:

  • Headaches
  • Constipation or indigestion
  • Unpleasant taste
  • Nausea

In addition, some studies have discovered that taking forskolin through an IV may result in lower blood pressure, flushing, and a faster heartbeat. Inhaling forskolin can also cause a few side effects like tremors, restlessness, and coughs. Some people may experience irritation of their eyes after being exposed to the powder form of this supplement. Generally, ensure you discuss taking forskolin with a doctor to avoid any adverse reactions.

What is the Recommended Forskolin Dosage?

Many people wonder what the optimal forskolin dosage is and how they can make the most out of this natural compound. Most studies involving forskolin intake used an average dose of between 250mg and 500mg with 10% forskolin concentration. Nevertheless, some scientists have observed several forskolin benefits when consumed at low doses of less than 10mg.

Based on the studies mentioned above, it is clear that more clinical trials and research are necessary to identify the most effective and safest forskolin dosage. However, many supplement manufacturers recommend using between 300mg and 500mg forskolin daily to achieve optimal health.

Is Forskolin Better Than Garcinia Cambogia?

Most people often compare garcinia cambogia and forskolin supplements as both products have become quite popular. Here are a few critical facts about these two potent plant extracts:

  • Both garcinia cambogia and forskolin have been scientifically proven to be safe for all healthy adults, mainly when consumed in the recommended dosages
  • These two plant extracts are also well known for having powerful weight loss effects
  • Forskolin delivers its weight loss effects by signaling the body to burn fat and increasing cellular energy
  • In contrast, garcinia cambogia works by suppressing your appetite, controlling your food cravings, and inhibiting fat formation.

Forskolin has also been proven to assist with blood pressure, blood sugar, glaucoma, and asthma, along with other health benefits. In contrast, garcinia cambogia is widely used for weight loss. In general, both garcinia cambogia and forskolin are potent natural extracts that can assist you with weight loss, although they both work in different ways.

Scientific Review of Forskolin Benefits

Forskolin hasn’t been extensively studied as compared to other common weight loss compounds. Nevertheless, the preliminary studies about forskolin show that this ingredient could be essential in weight loss and also offer additional health benefits, as shown below.

Weight Loss

A study in 1982 involving weight loss and forskolin found that consumption of this natural compound increased fat burning and AMP production in rats. The rats burned more fat after consuming forskolin. That research concluded that forskolin worked as a lipolysis agent that helped to burn more fat across the body.

A continuation study in 1992 tested the link between the forskolin-induced lipolysis and cyclic AMP production. The researchers discovered that forskolin intake enhanced fat burning while boosting cellular energy production. They concluded that consumption of forskolin delivered considerable fat-burning benefits to the body.

There are many instances where forskolin was successfully tested in rats. Nevertheless, there are only two notable studies that involved forskolin consumption and weight loss in humans.

During a recent study, scientists gave forskolin supplements to several women and analyzed the effects. The women were given 250mg forskolin at 10% concentration or an ineffective placebo two times per day for three months. The scientists discovered that the women taking forskolin avoided weight gain with no other adverse reactions.

In another study, obese or overweight men were given a placebo or forskolin supplement and evaluated after three months. The researchers established that the men taking the forskolin supplement attained more significant overall body fat loss than those given the placebo. In addition, the forskolin had also helped them to increase or retain lean muscles.

Testosterone Boost

Forskolin intake could enhance your testosterone levels. Even though it is not one of the main benefits of forskolin, research shows that this compound can improve testosterone levels. Higher testosterone can help with improving your muscle development, weight loss, sex drive, physical performance, and more. Testosterone is an essential male hormone that is associated with numerous health benefits.

Numerous studies are showing the powerful effects of high testosterone on weight loss. In a recent study, scientists found that an increase in testosterone resulted in increased fat loss and more significant muscle mass development. Hence, taking a good quality forskolin supplement can enhance testosterone levels, translating to fat burning and greater muscle mass.

Glaucoma Relief

Glaucoma refers to eye diseases that are associated with high pressure in the inner eye. Researchers recently discovered that forskolin consumption helped reduce eye pressure significantly by more than 10%, beneficial for patients with glaucoma. The researchers also established that consuming higher forskolin doses over a long period resulted in more health benefits. Many people now take forskolin every day to improve their glaucoma and overall eye health.

Researchers discovered that applying eye drops containing 1% forskolin helped reduce eye pressure significantly during similar research on eye health. The participants during that study had been suffering from moderate glaucoma. After one month of treatment using forskolin, most adults had improved their glaucoma symptoms greatly.

Asthma Relief

Forskolin intake has also been associated with asthma relief, according to several studies. Researchers have recently analyzed the benefits of Forskolin supplementation on a group of kids and adults with persistent or severe asthma issues. The grown was advised to take conventional asthma medication or a natural forskolin supplement over two months. After two months, researchers discovered that the participants taking forskolin every day had significantly fewer asthma issues than those taking the conventional asthma medication.

In a similar asthma study in Mexico, researchers gave 10g forskolin to people with asthma. They found that it worked better or was comparable to locally available asthma medication.

Alleviating Hypertension

Heart disorders are among the leading causes of death across the globe, and one of the primary causes of heart complications is hypertension. Forskolin was recently tested on its effects on blood pressure. The data showed that more than 65% of people taking forskolin experienced significant improvements in their blood pressure.

Regulating Blood Sugar

Forskolin intake may also help in regulating blood sugar. When your blood sugar constantly fluctuates, it can become harder to control your appetite or food cravings. Forskolin assists in lowering the levels of blood glucose, which is highly beneficial for people with diabetes.

Alzheimer’s Disease

New forskolin research has shown that this compound might be an effective Alzheimer’s disease treatment. A recently published study discovered that rats suffering from Alzheimer’s disease had less inflammation and plaque after consuming forskolin.

In general, forskolin is an exciting and highly effective weight loss compound. Nevertheless, there is surprisingly limited research about the benefits of using forskolin in humans. The current human research shows that forskolin intake has significant health benefits, mainly supporting weight loss.

Forskolin FAQs

Q: Where does Forskolin come from?

A: Forskolin is derived from a natural herb, and there aren’t any other food sources that you can use beyond that herb. In addition, all the scientific studies mentioned above have emphasized using Forskolin extract and not consuming the herb entirely.

Q: Are forskolin supplements safe?

A: Forskolin supplements appear safe for most healthy adults, especially when consumed while following the recommended dosages. Nevertheless, there are limited human studies that support the overall efficacy and safety of forskolin supplements.

Q: Why should you take forskolin supplements?

A: Most people use forskolin supplements due to their widely reported weight loss effects. In addition, forskolin supplementation may also help with glaucoma and asthma relief, along with muscle building.

Q: What does Coleus forskohlii mean?

A: Coleus forskohlii refers to the scientific name of the coleus plant from which the forskolin herb is usually harvested. This plant is commonly found in Southeast Asia, including India, Thailand, and Nepal.

Q: How do forskolin supplements work?

A: Forskolin supplements work by activating the AC-III enzyme, which is essential in regulating the function of cells in the body. This cell managing action helps forskolin offers various benefits like weight loss, lean muscle development, and relief from asthma and glaucoma.

Q: Can forskolin supplements help you to lose weight?

A: Most people buy forskolin supplements while looking for effective weight loss solutions. Several studies have demonstrated that forskolin intake may contribute to faster weight loss. Researchers have concluded that forskolin supplementation may increase fat burning or lipolysis processes in the body.

Q: Where can you buy forskolin supplements?

A: The forskolin supplements featured on this list are available from most retail stores and at various pharmacy retailers. You can also buy them directly from the respective manufacturer’s official websites. The other option is to shop at online retailers such as Amazon and eBay.

Q: What are the differences between the forskolin and garcinia cambogia?

A: Forskolin and garcinia cambogia are two widely used weight loss compounds that produce remarkable results. Nevertheless, these two supplements seem to work using different strategies. Forskolin supplements signal the body to burn fat cells to create energy, while garcinia cambogia is an appetite suppressant.

Q: What is the best way to take forskolin supplements?

A: Forskolin supplements are available in either a capsule form or a powdered form. You can take at least two pills per day or mix the powder into your morning drink to enhance your weight loss results. In general, remember to follow the usage instructions that come with your unique forskolin product.

Q: Do forskolin supplements have any side effects?

A: Many people experience little or no adverse reactions when using forskolin daily. Research shows most healthy adults using the daily recommended forskolin dosage will not undergo any significant side effects. Nevertheless, some people may experience indigestion, headaches, diarrhea, and nausea after taking forskolin supplements.

Q: What is the best forskolin dosage?

A: Most of the top-rated forskolin products featured on this list contain between 250mg and 500mg forskolin in every serving.

Q: What is the best forskolin concentration?

A: Many of the top forskolin products feature a 10% forskolin concentration. Nevertheless, some brands claim to contain significantly higher forskolin concentrations, up to 20%.

Q: Can forskolin supplements make your fat burning or weight loss faster or easier?

A: Adding forskolin supplements to your daily routine can significantly affect your overall weight loss outcomes. It will make it easier and faster to get rid of unwanted fat. Nevertheless, you will still need to exercise and eat balanced nutrition.

Q: What kind of weight loss results can you expect from forskolin supplements?

A: Studies have established that daily intake of forskolin supplements can result in an average of ten pounds of fat loss for two to three months. Some people have even managed to significantly improve their BMI percentage by more than 3% in less than two months.

Q: What is the top-rated forskolin supplement?

A: The list shown above contains a compilation of the best forskolin products available today. Any of the products shown above contain pure forskolin and will be able to offer you great results.

Q: What does cAMP mean?

A: cAMP stands for cyclic adenosine monophosphate, and it is a crucial RNA and DNA molecule. The cAMP works by activating various proteins in the body that influence energy balance, cell reaction, and hormone levels, among other critical processes. Most forskolin products claim to improve or target cAMP levels inside the body.

Q: What is included in forskolin supplements?

A: Most of the forskolin supplements shown above contain forskolin mixed with vegetable capsules. Some brands also add more ingredients like green tea, caffeine, turmeric, and other beneficial compounds.

Q: What is the ideal forskolin serving for effective weight loss?

A: Researchers recommend consuming at least 250mg or 500mg forskolin every day for better weight loss outcomes.

Q: When should you take forskolin supplements?

A: Forskolin supplements are usually available for sale without a doctor’s prescription. You can consume forskolin at your preferred time during the day, whether at night or when you wake up. Nevertheless, suppose you are using a product containing additional stimulants, such as coffee. In that case, you should ensure you only take it when you wake up to avoid disruptions to your sleep schedule.

Q: What are forskolin supplements used for?

A: Most people use forskolin supplements to help boost their weight loss results. These products may also help with lean muscle development and treat various conditions like asthma.

Q: Do forskolin supplements help with weight loss?

A: Researchers have discovered that forskolin supplementation may help with weight loss because this natural compound activates special enzymes in the body that are associated with efficient fat burning.

Q: Do forskolin supplements cause liver issues?

A: Forskolin supplements are not associated with liver damage or other liver issues in most available research. Nevertheless, one small study found that forskolin extract increased liver toxicity in mice.

Q: Do forskolin supplements support heart health?

A: A few studies involving forskolin discovered that this compound increases blood circulation and reduces blood pressure, essential for overall heart health.

Q: Can forskolin supplements lead to fatty liver?

A: Forskolin supplements can significantly enhance fat burning in the body, resulting in increased fat deposits inside the liver. Nevertheless, more research on this area is necessary to verify whether forskolin supplements can lead to fatty liver disease.

Q: Can forskolin supplements increase testosterone levels in men?

A: Studies show that forskolin supplementation led to higher testosterone levels in men when taken over three months—high testosterone results in faster weight loss, muscle growth, and various other benefits.

Q: Can diabetes use forskolin supplements?

A: Forskolin is safe for people with diabetes when taken in adherence to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Nevertheless, consider discussing with a doctor before taking these supplements if you’re currently taking medication. In addition, forskolin may also interact with various blood-thinning drugs, which means you should avoid them if you’re using that kind of medication.

The Top Forskolin Supplements in 2021 Final Verdict

Forskolin herbs have been widely used for many years to promote overall wellness. Nowadays, this compound is widely recognized as a potent weight loss agent. Researchers have discovered that forskolin intake enhances weight loss by increasing metabolism, promoting cellular energy, and providing other health benefits. Pick any product among the forskolin supplements mentioned above to get the top-rated forskolin products available today.

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