2021 List of Most Accurate & Reliable Online Psychic Reading Sites & Platform For Love, Career & Life

A lot has changed over the years. People don’t follow the same practices or believe in the same values. However, what hasn’t changed is that everyone wants some knowledge of what’s about to happen in the coming times. It offers you some certainty to hold on to and reduces the likelihood of unwanted occurrences. As a result, many people seek out online psychic readings, which guide and prepare them for the tough phases of life.

Online Psychics won’t answer all your questions. But they will help you make better decisions. In addition, their services are not limited to a certain field. Instead, an online psychic can help you solve your career issues, love life woes, and future challenges.

Get yourself an online psychic if you are skeptical regarding your next big step. Or if you want an insight over topics you are novel to. An online psychic will help you resolve the mystery and warn you if they sense something unusual and troublesome.

Online psychic websites are of great benefit. However, not all of them are authentic. Therefore, we have created a list of the five best online psychic websites that are trustworthy, economical, and provide precise readings.

Top 5 Psychic Reading Online Websites For Accurate Psychic Predictions

  1. Kasamba: Free Psychic Minutes by phone, chat & videos

Kasamba is considered one of the best online psychic websites mainly due to its accurate relationship readings and professional advice. Founded in 1999, Kasamba is celebrating over 20 years of high-quality services and satisfied customers.

Kasamba genuinely cares for its customers and therefore provides services with the utmost integrity. They use spiritual tools ranging from dream interpretation, tarot cards, runes, to astrology. These approaches help you answer questions and gain meaningful insights.

Kasamba has thousands of happy customers and 5-star ratings. This proves the credibility of Kasamba. Kasamba continues to top the list of the best online psychics because their quality keeps on improving. They have made sure that their new psychics are equally or more professional. To provide services at Kasamba, psychics have to meet strict quality guidelines.

These services are not limited to only one mode of communication. At Kasamba, you can avail quality psychic reading through email, chat, and phone. This helps you choose the convenient mode of communication that you are comfortable with.

Kasamba hires psychics from all around the world. Their services are open 24/7, so you can avail them whenever you desire to. In addition, you can download the Kasamba app on iOS and Android and get psychic readings on the go.

At Kasamba, you get three free chat minutes. This helps you choose the perfect psychic for you without wastage of money. This holds for every time you choose a new psychic, allowing you to try new psychics cost-free till you find your best match.

Kasamba has laid out several different payment methods to make it easier for you to pay. You can pay using your debit, credit card, or PayPal. Kasamba charges you after you have completed your entire psychic session.

⇒ Visit the official website of Kasamba


  • Accurate psychic reading via email, messages, and video
  • Complete anonymity ensured along with safe SSL payment
  • Request a refund if not fully satisfied
  • Availability of psychics 24/7
  • Try three minutes trial with each psychic free of cost
  • Services ranging from astrology, career & finance, tarot reading, psychic reading, love and relationship, fortune-telling, and dream analysis
  • Up to 70% off for new customers


  • Inexpensive services. Rates as low as $1
  • Variety of readings available
  • No threat of personal information getting leaked


  • Requires a lot of time to look for perfect advisor

Customer Reviews

Customers at Kasamba are happy and satisfied with the accurate and honest advice received. Alice, one of the newer customers at Kasamba, said, “I began with my 3 minutes free chat. However, the psychic was so accurate when he read my situation that I had to book a session. Whatever he mentioned regarding my past was true, and he could foresee my future. Book him if you are looking for a great psychic.”

⇒ Click here to visit the official website of Kasamba

  1. Keen Psychic: Best Place for Spiritual Healing & Guidance

Keen Psychics is the jack of all trades when it comes to psychic reading. Operating in this industry for more than twenty years, Keen offers different services to satisfy all your problems and bring clarity to your life. Keen’s website looks so engaging that big publishers like Cosmopolitan could not help but feature it in their magazine.

Keen has more than seventeen hundred advisors for you to choose from. No other online psychic business has been able to reach this number. These many psychic readers mean you will surely find one who matches your requirements and is apt for you.

Keen’s website allows you to customize your search, making it easier for you to find a reader of your desire. For example, you can customize search results through various components such as the reader’s rating, hours of availability, experience, and price.

Once you are presented with different psychic readers, you can click on their names to go through their bio and customer reviews. After selecting the reader of your choice, you can choose from calls, messages, or email to communicate with your advisor.

Just like Kasamba, Keen extends a free three minutes chat service to help customers choose the right reader. Currently, Keen has a promotional offer running for all its new customers. You can avail services for ten minutes for just $1.99 on their first session.

Keen users can download the app for fast and easy browsing. In addition, they can use the app to communicate with their advisor. You can download this app on Android and iOS.

⇒ Visit the official website of Keen


  • Availability of more than 1700 professional psychics
  • Privacy and confidentiality ensured
  • An app that can be used any time
  • Multiple options, including calls, messages, and video to choose from
  • Currently presenting the cheapest offer in the psychic industry
  • Each psychic reader is thoroughly reviewed on the website
  • Maximum satisfaction is guaranteed after each session


  • Cheap packages for new customers to avail
  • A website that is easy to navigate


  • Not enough experience in the online psychic reading

Customer reviews

Keen has maintained its high-quality services throughout the years. As a result, the brand has been able to grow the number of loyal customers. Ruth, one of the loyal customers, said, “The first time I sat for a reading, I was shocked at how the advisor was getting everything right. He knew everything that happened in my past and the problems that I was going through. I felt relieved right after the session. It is a must-try. You won’t regret a minute or penny spent there.”

⇒ Click here to visit the official website of Keen

  1. AskNow: Best Psychic Site for Personal Advice

AskNow was started in 2005, which is much later than many of its competitors. However, this means they had more time to research and bring in innovation. AskNow allows you to avail their service at any time.

You can choose from calls and chat. So, don’t worry if you are shy to communicate. Their online chat is always available. In addition, AskNow provides services in English and Spanish, which increases its customer base.

In addition, this feature will help Spanish people comfortably avail services of one of the best psychic readings online. AskNow promises high satisfaction. You can end your reading and reach customer service if you are not satisfied with your reading session. AskNow will send $5 to your account to make up for a bad experience and help you book another session.

AskNow has great introductory offers that you can’t resist availing. For example, you can book reading sessions that cost $1 per minute. Furthermore, AskNow provides bonus minutes to all those who book this introductory package.

An astonishing fact about these bonus minutes is that they won’t expire until a year. So you won’t be forced to use them at a certain time.

AskNow offers vast information regarding each psychic reader. The information includes their reading style, experience, price, kind of reading they do, and more. This feature helps you choose the right reader without investing much time and effort.

AskNow offers a range of services, including astrology, tarot readings, numerology, and dream analysis. Their psychics have to pass their rigorous screening test before they are hired; this ensures quality of services offered.

The website allows you to filter search results to make choosing your desired psychic reader easier. You can filter for price range, experience level, and customer reviews and ratings. This will give you an idea about the advisor before you read their profile.

⇒ Visit the official website of Ask Now


  • Accurate results assured
  • Highly specialized advisors in career, love, and money
  • AskNow app supported by Android that can be used anywhere
  • Money refund if the customer is not satisfied
  • Psychics have to go through a tough screening process
  • Availability of services in Spanish and English


  • Inexpensive services
  • Ensures anonymity
  • Safe payment method


  • No option to use email or live video for psychic readings

Customer review

Customers at AskNow feel happy after each session. Diandra, one of the satisfied customers of AskNow, said “I cannot begin to explain how accurate these readings are. When my psychic reader talks, it feels like he has lived my life. I highly recommend AskNow for a psychic reading.”

⇒ Click here to visit the official website of Ask Now

  1. Oranum: Psychic Readings Services for love, career, & life

Oranum has been providing high-quality services to its customers for more than ten years. It has given guidance to people and provided them with spiritual help. Oranum’s services are different compared to other psychic readings online.

Oranum is completely video-based. All of the sessions are held using online video calls. As a result, it gives a face to face feel, and you can get familiar with your psychic.

They do their wonders on a live video and help their customers gain insight into different arrays of life. Oranum is not just limited to the English language. They provide services in several languages, which has widened their customer base. Furthermore, this has allowed people who speak a different language to benefit from Oranum’s services.

You can filter the search bar to find suitable psychic readers easily. Their services list is already available on the home page. These include tarot, love and relationship readings, astrology, and dream analysis.

Oranum ensures that you match with the perfect reader. They do this by giving their customers a free chat option. So once you choose a psychic reader after analyzing his profile, you can talk to them on messages for free. This ensures that you know your psychic’s way of reading before incurring any expenses.

Currently, Oranum is offering a promotional deal for its new users. Users receive $9.99 after they sign up for Oranum’s services. In addition, Oranum allows its readers to upload stories. This helps customers receive day-to-day updates.

Oranum’s website features short videos by its psychic experts. They talk about their experiences that help the users learn more about psychic readers. You can subscribe to the readers you like and receive exclusive content from them.

⇒ Visit the official website of Oranum


  • You can talk to a variety of experts free of cost
  • Premium videos that provide intuitive sessions and meditation
  • Psychics can execute special requests on customer demand
  • $9.99 transferred to users account after sign up completion
  • Private and trustworthy sessions


  • Live sessions are more interactive
  • Free chat service before booking a psychic reader
  • Stories and short videos by readers help users find the best match


  • Some people are socially awkward, and they prefer text or call over video engagements and that option isn’t there

Customer review

Oranum has some of the modern features that other platforms lack. Oranum’s customers love these features and find it easier to use their website. Jimmy L. says, “I didn’t know it could be this easy to find a correct psychic reader. Short videos are a star for Oranum. I am quite satisfied with the website resources and my advisor.”

⇒ Click here to visit the official website of Oranum

  1. Mysticsense: Top Choice for Certified Tarot Readers

Mytiscsense offers one of the best online psychic readings around the world. Users can avail these services anytime they want. Psychics at Mytiscsense make accurate predictions regarding any occurrence, affair, or person you would like to discuss with them.

You can seek advice over the timing of your decisions. Along with psychic reading, Mytiscsense offers astrology reading, spiritual reading, tarot reading, and love and relationship advice.

Advisors at Mytiscsense are pro at answering love and relationship-related questions. Those questions can be from the past or future. In addition, you can seek career-related advice, for example, to pursue a suitable profession.

Mytiscsense’s website is easy to navigate. The process of signing up is hassle-free. Creating an account barely takes time. You can bring light to your destiny in a matter of a few minutes. Payment at Mytiscsense is fully secure, and you can claim a refund if you are not happy with the result.

Unlike other online psychic readings, Mytiscsense does not offer just three free chat minutes. Instead, users get five minutes free for their first session. This helps them decide if they want to continue with the reader.

Mytiscsense’s website is full of reviews by paying customers. There are over 13,733 reviews for you to read. Most of them are quite descriptive and will give you a pretty good sense of the platform and will help you choose the perfect psychic for you.

Mytiscsense employs hundreds of highly-rated psychics. They are selected after a thorough screening process, to ensure that your experience is top-notch. Mytiscsense’s website features profiles of different psychics for you to choose from. Their rate, rating, number of reviews, and specialty are specified there.

⇒ Visit the official website of Mysticsense


  • Free five minutes for the first reading session
  • Get your money back if you are not completely satisfied
  • Availability of online service 24/7
  • Different options including chat, call, and video


  • The website fully explains how to book a session, payment method, and more
  • Easy to subscribe


  • You can’t avail free five minutes with each psychic reader

Customer review

Mytiscsense is winning its customers. Their users are satisfied with the quick responses and accurate results of psychic readers. Roz A., one of the satisfied customers of Mytiscsense, said, “Thankyou Mystic! I am happier than ever. My psychic was pleasant. She calmly heard all my concerns and helped me feel at home. By the third card, I felt chills all over my body.”

⇒ Click here to visit the official website of Mysticsense

Things to consider before choosing an online psychic

People should consider various factors before choosing an online psychic. Some of the psychics are terrific at what they do. However, not all of them are the same. Psychics who do not go through an adequate screening test lack legitimacy.

Therefore, we have made a list of factors to consider before choosing a psychic. The list provided below will help you connect with trustworthy psychics.

  • Free trial minutes before formal sessions

Most of the reliable psychic platforms offer free minutes to their new customers. This helps customers decide whether they want to stick to the psychic or look for a new one. You can end the session without wasting your money if you are not satisfied with the kind of information your psychic is giving.

  • Modes of communications

Everyone prefers different modes of communicating. Most of the online psychic websites offer multiple communication methods to choose from. These methods include chat, email, phone, and live video.

You personally might prefer video call over other communication methods. Calls allow you to have an interactive conversation. As a result, you can get your point across without any misunderstanding. In addition, you will receive an immediate response from your reader.

However, if you are one of those who prefer to think before questioning, then you should go for email. Emailing will allow you to analyze your psychic’s answers, and you can read them over as many times as you want.

You should choose the psychic who provides services using a communication channel that you find convenient.

  • Variety of services offered

Multiple websites offer a wide range of services. These services include future telling, love and relationship advice, career and finance, and astrology readings. It is important that you go for an online psychic offering multiple services. You will be able to avail the different services when you need them.

  • Customer reviews

Customer reviews will help you decide whether the psychic is worth investing in. As a result, you will get an idea about the quality of the psychic reading. In addition, customer reviews will help you choose the best psychic reader from those available, therefore, reducing the hassle of trial and error.

  • Guaranteed Satisfaction

Most of the known online psychic readers provide a satisfaction guarantee. This can be in the form of a money return if you are not happy with your reading. This saves you from wasting your money. Therefore, you should choose psychics that offer some sort of satisfaction guarantee.

Online Psychics Vs. Offline Psychics

The internet is a huge part of our lives nowadays. From shopping to booking tickets, everything is online now. Similarly, the online availability of psychics has made it convenient for all those yearning for a psychic reading but not necessarily looking to go in person.

Visiting your local psychic might be a fun trip to make. However, the fun doesn’t beat the comfort that comes with staying at home and getting the same service. But comfort isn’t the only factor that counts.

Offline psychics are as good as online psychics. However, your geographical location might not give you access to some of the best psychics out there. With the online availability of psychics, you can connect with over a thousand psychics at the press of a button.

You can explore psychics all around the globe and choose the most efficient, accurate, and affordable ones for you.

People who have social anxiety might not be able to fully open to their psychic in person. As a result, the quality of reading is affected. This factor further highlights the importance of having online psychics. Online psychic is for everyone to try, but especially meant for people who prefer a certain level of distance and space to be able to engage comfortably.

In addition, online psychic provides a feature absent in offline psychic services, the option to request a refund. If you are not happy with your session or reading quality, you can get a refund from the various platforms mentioned in this article. However, this is not the same with offline psychics. You lose your money once you have taken the session. This reason makes online psychics also more secure and eliminates risk.

Online Psychics: FAQs

How does Psychic reading help people?

Psychic reading is meant for those who are confused in their lives and need guidance. The psychic reader makes it easy to see different events and helps you react differently. You can also get an idea about your future if you want to be certain. Psychic readings help people understand their life patterns by unfolding truths about the past, present, and future. In addition, it helps people make better decisions moving forward.

What if I hear something bad?

Psychic readers are not meant to bring stress and sadness into your life, on the contrary actually. Online psychic reading websites hire psychics not only good at reading but making others feel elevated. They will tell you things that you want to hear and are good for you. By the end of your session, you will feel happy about yourself. Professional psychics know the importance of self-security; therefore, they won’t say anything mentally draining.

Can I choose the type of reading I am interested in?

Yes! It’s your call to choose from any of the readings available. You can opt for tarot reading, astrology, love reading, or more. But you have to make sure that the psychic you choose is offering those readings.

How do I tell whether the online psychic reading is genuine?

Your psychic will talk about your past and present. Therefore, you will be able to tell if he or she is providing you with specifics and details or just making up vague stories. To avoid a scam, you should go for one of the best online psychic reading websites mentioned here. They hire psychics after a thorough screening process. This means their psychics are highly skilled, and they will give you the correct information.

What kind of questions is appropriate to ask?

Don’t hold yourself back from asking questions that are on your mind. You might consider them silly, but they can help you learn more about your life. Psychics at online psychic websites are professionals who specialize in a wide array of fields. They will be able to answer your question regarding angels, past lives, love, astrology, and more.

Are psychics tested?

It depends on each online psychic website. Some of them have a tough screening process for psychics to pass. In addition, they are tested and handpicked to ensure authenticity and accuracy. All of the above-mentioned online psychic websites test their psychics before they are hired. However, some psychic websites might not test their psychics. The catch is to avoid them because no one knows if they are skilled enough to invest in.

How do I choose a suitable psychic reader for myself?

Online psychic websites allow you to go through each reader’s profile. Their specialty, price, experience, and reviews are mentioned there. Once you have gone through this information, you can choose the one you think will be best suited for you.


An online psychic reading website will help you with any feelings of uncertainty and put things into perspective. You can have all your questions answered and feel secure while doing so. Online psychic reading websites ensure that you get access to the world’s best psychics.

You will not be forced to sit in front of your reader and have to deal with an awkward conversation. Instead, you can get valuable intuitions via messages or call. Online psychic websites have made it easier to get a psychic reading, like never before.

After the reading session, you will feel like a new person. Online psychic readings are a must, if you want in-depth information regarding your life, various events, or what the future holds for you!

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