Tibetan Secrets Blessed Pixiu Prosperity Brace & Citrine Crystal Review

Tibetan secrets is a range of books, crystals, and bracelets that invite positive vibes and good luck into our lives. With the help of ancient sciences like Feng Shui, Sacred Geometry, and Crystal Gridding, Tibetan secrets make your life easier by attracting positive energy leading to mental peace and prosperity. Using these products, one can practice the art of manifesting abundance in life. The package has three integral products: bracelets, crystals, and books. Although it may sound unrealistic, numerous individuals have significantly benefited from using these products. So let us talk about the entire Tibetan secrets package so that you can be sure about the benefits you are provided with before you make the purchase.

The package of Tibetan secrets comprises Prosperity Pixiu Bracelets, Citrine, and Pixiu Crystals, and three self-guided books to help you understand how the bracelets and crystals are used.

Prosperity Pixiu Bracelets-

Prosperity Pixiu Bracelets are sanctified by Tibetan monks and serve as protection against unfortunate events and negative energy. The most effective instrument for attracting prosperity and providing security is this bracelet. Emperors and members of high society have worn this to promote prosperity, fend off evil spirits, and generate and protect wealth and fortune.

How should I wear this bracelet?

It is easy to use these bracelets. You just need to make sure the dragon face is turned inward, and you must wear it on your left wrist.

The various benefits-

These are some of the benefits of using Prosperity Pixiu Bracelets.

  • Helps in removing the impact of negative energies
  • Sends you limitless good energy
  • Produces a calm atmosphere around you.
  • Eliminates any stress or worry that you may have.
  • Enhances your life’s harmony
  • Combats ill fortune that can cause you to lose your hard-earned money
  • Defends you against negative energy and spirits, protects you from mishaps, ailments, and injuries

Citrine and Pixiu Crystal-

Natural resources are abundant, and there is more than enough for everyone. You will resonate at the same frequency with the natural aspects of nature when wearing pixiu and citrine crystals. These stones call in abundance naturally by releasing very high vibrations into the universe at a specific rate. These vibrations purify your aura, aid in manifestation, and shield your soul from negative energy. This citrine stone will transfigure and change any unfavorable energy you may experience into a favorable one if you ever feel like your luck is terrible. It has the power to convert unfortunate circumstances into fortunate ones.

Here are a few more intriguing advantages of citrine crystals:

  • Helps in the removal of negative energy.
  • Awakens your intuition and cleanses your chakras.
  • Attracts wealth, success, and prosperity.
  • Increases confidence and self-esteem.
  • Strengthens the intellect by stimulating the brain.
  • It supports self-expression and stimulates creativity.
  • It improves focus and re-energizes the mind.

Finally, it liberates one from bad qualities, despair, phobias, and fears.

The book one- Feng Shui Fortunes

The ancient oriental practice of Feng Shui aims to maximize the positive energy flow in your house and your body. You can create harmony and balance by learning how to apply Feng Shui in your home. You will feel uplifted and surrounded by positive energy in your house when you practice Feng Shui. There is a reason why feng shui has persisted over the years. If you’ve ever felt trapped in your career despite your best efforts, it’s possible that your Feng Shui was off and has been impeding your success for the entire time. You can learn how to use a Feng Shui map by following this book, which demonstrates how to arrange your home consistently to attract good luck and riches.

Book two- History of Sacred Geometry

The study and explanation of the energy patterns of the universe are done through the ancient discipline known as sacred geometry. To use your Citrine Crystal to its best potential, you must have the proper knowledge of sacred geometry. This book not only explains the history of sacred geometry, but its main focus is on how you can use it in your life to activate sacred geometry and bring any desire into reality. When you start it, you will notice more luck and goodness coming into your life. Sacred Geometry arouses your spiritual power, making you more open to receiving any luck or chance that comes your way. For best effect, grid your crystals to your zodiac sign using the guidance in the following book.

Book three- Crystal Gridding for Your Zodiac Sign

You may discover how to use your Citrine Crystals to the fullest powers with the help of this book. In this book, you will learn all about special crystal codes that you can employ by your zodiac sign. This enables you to master the art of crystal gridding for accessing the universe’s boundless powers. Furthermore, this book explains how to build your crystal grid and change the course of reality in the best possible way.

The pricing of the complete set-

Although initially priced at $147, the entire set can be purchased at $59.Shipping inside the US is free for these products. However, it will take about 3-5 days to reach customers in case of domestic shipping. In the case of overseas shipments, it can take 7-9 working days.

So that was a detailed review of the entire Tibetan secrets package. If you are still skeptical about the purchase, remember that there is a 60 days return policy, which enables you to be eligible to return the entire package if they are found to be ineffective.



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