Peak Golden Oil Reviews – Pure & Natural Nigella Sativa Oil?

Peak Golden Oil, also known as pharaoh oil, is a golden-colored oil extracted from the Nigella sativa plant. Nigella sativa, or Black cumin, is a native Egyptian plant with many medicinal benefits that have been used for thousands of years and passed down to generations. Ancient Egyptians used this oil on their skins to heal wounds, treat headaches and fatigue, and as a digestive aid. Healers also used Pharaoh oil/Black seed oil in other cultures and civilizations in areas like the Middle East, Turkey, Iraq, Pakistan, Iran, India, Bangladesh, and Sudan. For 3000 years, these cultures used the oil to remedy allergies, blood sugar imbalance, acne, fever, hair loss, toothaches, weight gain, high cholesterol, joint pains, and memory loss, among other issues.

Peak Golden Oil is a product of Peak Pure & Natural, a leading nutraceutical company that provides natural nutrition for vibrant health. The company is famous for its highly-effective and certified formulas containing all-natural ingredients. The black seed oil has a terrible taste, making it hard to consume in its liquid form. Peak Pure & Natural decided to put the oil in a pill to make it easier to ingest.

Benefits of Peak Golden Oil

It helps with allergies. A study by Dr. Nimal Chakravarty in 1993 shows that Black seed oil suppresses protein kinase C, an ingredient that stimulates the release of histamine. Histamine is a compound released during an allergic reaction or an injury. Peak Golden Oil is, therefore, an effective and natural antihistamine.

Peak Golden Oil has antibacterial properties. According to a 1992 research by the University of Dhaka, Bangladesh, black seed oil fights many bacteria, some of which are resistant to other antibiotics. This oil was also anciently used to fight infections and helps to inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria.

It regulates blood sugar. Various studies and experiments reveal that black seed oil reduces blood sugar after 48 hours. Taking this oil for a few weeks helps keep the blood glucose level in check. Muhammed Salim Khan, a well-known herbalist, and physician, included this oil’s benefits in his book Diabetes; A holistic Understanding and highly recommended it.

Peak Golden Oil helps with joint discomfort. Ancient civilizations used black seed oil to ease joint pain. A 30-day experiment done in 2012 confirmed that this oil significantly improves joint discomfort. The experiment featured 40 women with severe joint pains who used the oil. All the women later reported less pain and stiffness.

The oil lowers blood pressure. The black seed oil contains antioxidants that promote cardiovascular health. Animal studies show that this oil maintains healthy blood pressure within two weeks.

Peak Golden Oil contains 100% natural ingredients. This oil is a pure extract of the Nigella Sativa seeds and contains no harmful toxins. It has been used for over 3000 years to treat various conditions and, therefore, has no adverse side effects.

It is a great skincare product. Ancient Egyptians nourished their skins with black seed oil. It is believed that their bronze glow resulted from using pharaoh oil.

The black seed oil has linoleic acid and gamma-linolenic acid, which are unsaturated fatty acids that promote a healthy immune system.

It helps with digestion. One of the many uses of black seed oil in Ancient Egypt was to aid digestion. Physicians gave this oil to pharaohs when they overindulged in food and drinks during royal feasts. Many customers have reported using Peak Golden Oil to treat stomach problems.

Peak Golden Oil helps to treat fungus. According to a study from the Agricultural Faculty of the University of Erzurum, black seed oil contains ingredients with antifungal properties that aid in treating ringworms, athlete’s foot, and thrush. It can also serve as an anthelmintic drug to kill parasites.

The black seed oil also has compounds with anti-microbial properties that combat microorganisms and anti-inflammatory properties that reduce swelling. This oil also relieves pain, soreness, and aches.

This oil is highly effective in treating fevers. There has been a lot of feedback from customers who confirm that Peak Golden Oil helped them treat the flu and kept them from catching a cold. Research also confirms that black seed oil is an effective natural alternative for antipyretic drugs.

Peak Golden Oil is gluten-free and non-GMO. It also does not contain synthetic fillers like magnesium and silicon dioxide as it is purely natural.


The numerous benefits of black seed oil have been scientifically proven in various clinical trials and research studies, including Planta Medica, the Pakistan Journal of Pharmacy, and many more. Peak Golden Oil offers a natural alternative to treating issues like flu and joint pains and improving overall health.