KeraGenis Reviews: Real Customer Warning Alert!

KeraGenis is a hair and nails product made by Benjamin Jones who created it together with his wife, Gemma. With almost 20 years of experience in researching how people’s lives could be happier and have a relaxed mindset.

Now, he wants to share the knowledge he’s gained through the years. While medications and creams might seem tempting, the most important thing for supporting the hair and nails is not just topical applications. Below are the strategies that should help support the general health of the hair and nails, all while enhancing mood.

KeraGenis Benefits When Used As Indicated

Here are KeraGenis’ benefits, as per the official website presents them:

The Feet Have to Be Clean and Dry

While this might sound like common sense, you should be aware that the feet are being neglected. When going into the shower, you should be careful to wash your feet. Use soap and warm water. Make a habit of washing your feet, nails, and toes. After you have taken a shower, dry the feet with a cotton towel. The moisture remaining can attack the nail bed of your toes because this makes a perfect way for fungus to develop.

Keep the Nails Thin

The thickness of the nails is also significant. The nail and the surrounding surface have to be penetrated. An appointment with the pedicurist has to be made if you have problems or the nails need to be filed. This would save you money. You should do your nails yourself at home by using disinfected and clean files if you want to prevent any problem.

Better Not to Use Home Remedies

You can use convenient and easy methods to heal your nails and fungus, even with what you can find around the home. For example, you can use tea tree oil or apple cider vinegar on the spot to see long-term changes, but these don’t always work to go at the leading cause of any nail problem. This is why, most of the time, homemade remedies don’t work.

Breathable and Lightweight Socks

Socks are most of the time overlooked. They’re only pieces of fabric that cover the feet. Good socks allow your nails and feet to breathe, meaning you can have healthy nails. Don’t wear any polystyrene socks because these will cause your feet to sweat. Just invest in linen or pure cotton socks because these are healthy for both the nails and feet.

Walking Barefoot is Wrong

Even if at home or in the pool, walking barefoot will surely be a temptation for you. Use slippers or socks so that you avoid being in direct contact with any bacteria on surfaces. It doesn’t matter how to clean the space you’re in might be; bacteria will always be left behind, not to mention bacteria is spreading fast. This is true as far as gym showers, public spaces, and bathrooms go. In these places, you need to be very careful.

This Is a Work-of-Art Formula

Benjamin decided he can’t keep the KeraGenis formula to himself. He mentions that with the help of a supplement company, he decided t produce this supplement and give it to everyone. And he demanded that the ingredients are the “real thing.” In this situation, “the real thing” means:


They are processed under the strictest sterility standards, with disinfected equipment.

100% Effective

They are prepared in the right manner and with the proper ingredients so that the properties are intact.


KeraGenis is sourced from the local growers that allow plants to reach full maturity without herbicides naturally.

KeraGenis Ingredients

A simple yet potent combination has been developed, consisting of great vitamins and herbs, such as Turmeric, Cat’s Claw, Garlic, Quercetin, Grenades, and Olives.

KeraGenis Ordering FAQ

Here is the KergaGenis list of FAQs:

How do I get my KeraGenis order?

Wherever you wish, you will be delivered your ordered items. You can ask for them any place you have a physical address at home or work.

Can the address of billing differ from the delivery address?

Wherever you wish, you will be delivered your ordered items. You can ask them any place you have a physical address at home or work, as mentioned above.

How much time is the order going to take?

Most clients say that 5-7 business days after ordering, domestic packages arrive.

How much do I pay for shipping?

There’s nothing! As a gesture of thanks and trust, the delivery service is on the manufacturer’s side if you are satisfied with your order.

KeraGenis Pricing and Contact

Every capsule of KeraGenis is made in the US, under FDA and GMP standards, in strict and sterile conditions. According to the manufacturer, KeraGenis doesn’t contain toxins and stimulants, nor does it develop an addiction. For the moment, KeraGenis comes at the following prices:

  • 1-bottle of KeraGenis at $69
  • 3-bottle pack of KeraGenis or a 90-day supply at $59 per bottle
  • 6-bottle pack of KeraGenis or 180-day supply at $49 per bottle

You instantly send an order when you have completed the order form, and your money is verified when you opt to acquire KeraGenis or related items. The company will send you an email with a shipping tracking ID within 60 hours, and with a customized link to monitor your package whenever you like.

After getting a confirmation email, your order will be sent and delivered as quickly as possible at the address provided.

A 60-day money-back guarantee is offered on all Keragenis purchases. This can be accomplished by sending an email to customer service at:

  • contact@keragenis.com